The importance of cool and creative ideas for displaying a product has become a crucial factor in today’s market. The luxury vodka brand Belvedere has come up with an aesthetically pleasing and practical product as a part of their promotions. First of all, the casing of the drink acts as a bottle cradle on display and it can be used as an ice bucket and tongs on drinking occasion. Thus, this custom ice bucket set is a perfect example of a practical and unique promotional product.

Custom Ice Bucket

Custom Ice Bucket and Tong

Why we love the custom ice bucket idea?

  • Attractive Display: It is an eye catchy design, that can easily grab the attention of a customer.
  • Bespoke Design: The custom design makes it an exclusive product. This makes the customers feel special while buying it.
  • Great for Brand Loyalty: The premium packaging and the functionality of the product can make the customers loyal to the brand.
  • Excellent Giveaway Product: When the product is not only eye-pleasing but also useful, it becomes a perfect giveaway product to the customers.

Furthermore, it can keep the drinks chilled for a long time, making it a perfect product to carry to an outdoor drinking occasion for the customers.

Finally, for the customers, it is an exciting giveaway. This can clearly create an impressive brand recognition among the consumer’s mind. This custom ice bucket set is an excellent example of creativity and custom design. It is a sure shot to get noticed. Similar custom promotional merchandise can be your next product promotion idea!

Custom Ice Bucket

Custom Ice Bucket and Tong

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