Luxury brand Belvedere Vodka is extending its promo this Christmas by giving away this On pack holiday party shaker.  Profits from (BELVEDERE)RED goes to the Global Fund and this gift with purchase will definitely drive consumers to lend an extra helping hand.

Belvedere On Pack Promo…

With festive celebrations of drinks and cocktails, this promotional product makes the perfect gift. This promotional item provides convenience and gives consumers flexibility to create their own beverages, making it a fun and creative product.

The use of red colour matches the brand colours, allowing it to stand out from the rest of the products on the shelves. Indicating this promo gift usage with silver fonts catches attention let consumers understand the purpose of this product.

However, we thought this On Pack packaging could be improved. Printing of logo on this Shaker would help as a form of branding too. When carried along for parties or gathering, it advertises and market your brand at the same time!

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