Belvedere Vodka has released a limited edition Belver Bear. This limited edition Belver Bear is available for 5,000 Euros at VIP Room, a high-end dance club, in Cannes, St Tropez and Paris.

Limited Edition Belver Bear

The translucent plexiglass bear bottle is designed by Jean-Roch, the founder of VIP Room, and the target market would be the elitist connoisseurs of vodka. With the exclusivity of this limited edition bottle, customers will be enticed to make impulse purchases. The bear has a backlight to make it stand out in the dark. It can be displayed or hung on the wall. It serves as a cute collectible and Belvedere Vodka has branded its logo on the foot of the bear. This will increase brand awareness wherever the bear is displayed. It will also boost brand recall and facilitate free advertising. What do you think of this limited edition item?

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