If you want a promotional product that is both useful and has long-lasting staying power, then you can never go wrong with promotional drinking glasses. Everyone owns at least one promotional drinkware, which means they are in-demand and useful. As such, your drinking glass gift should be well-designed so customers will choose them over their competitors.

Promotional Drinking Glasses

Promotional Drinking Glasses

One of the companies that had success in using promotional drinking glasses to promote their product is Gordon’s London Dry Gin. They are currently offering a glasses git set, which consists of two branded glasses, and botanicals. The in-pack gifts are beautiful, practical, and interesting. Below, we share the reasons we find this marketing tactic a smart move.


Promotional Drinking Glasses: Why this Promotion by Gordon’s London Dry Gin Works

  • Practical Value: With so many types of alcoholic beverages in the market, there is no better way to encourage customers to choose you than offering practical in-pack gifts. That is exactly what Gordon’s London Dry Gin did! They understand the importance of having a promotional product that can be used together with the main selling item. In this case, it is the Copa glasses.
  • Design Appeal: We love the ombre-style drinking glass. The stem is pink while the bowl is clear. The color is suitable for their Premium Pink Gin. Moreover, “Gordon’s” is printed on the glass. As such, customers will always be reminded of the brand whenever they use these drinking glasses.
  • Vibrant Packaging: Appearance is everything when it comes to your marketing gifts. Your brand packaging serves as your call-to-action, so it should be attractive and functional. In this case, Gordon’s custom drinks packaging comes in a vibrant pink hue with pink berries printed on it. The design is a nod to their uniquely flavored gin, which according to their website, is a “delicately fruity sweetness, delicious smell and subtler touch of junipers.”
Promotional Drinking Glasses

Promotional Drinking Glasses

  • Free Botanicals: The promotional gift set comes with two small bottles of dried juniper. Customers can use the botanicals to spice up their cocktail drinks. This way, they can now concoct their favorite drinks in the comfort of their homes!

So, were you amazed by Gordon’s marketing strategy? If so, here are some tips to make the most of your promotional drinking glasses.


How to Make the Most of Promotional Drinking Glasses

Offer a Glassware Set – Offering a glassware set is a great way to promote drinks because this makes the promotion worth the extra money.

Add Bar Promotional Products – Make your customers’ drinking experience a memorable one. Adding bar items such as custom jiggers and stirrer will surely attract more customers. Adding more items to the gift set will give customers more value for their money.

Customize the Glasses – Do not be afraid to experiment. If you want to add a personal touch to your promotional drinking glasses, then feel free to showcase your creativity. Some brands offer hand-painted glasses, while others experiment with different printing methods. You may consider using foil stamping or laser engraving to add a touch of class to your glassware.

Keep it Fresh – Update your designs from time to time to keep customers interested in your products. For example, creating summer-themed designs for your glasses and packaging to keep your promotions engaging.


To conclude, we certainly love these promotional drinking glasses by Gordon’s London Dry Gin as they are well-designed, practical, and offers more value for money. The color of the promotional gift and the packaging design all reflect Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin, thereby creating finer brand remembrance.


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