We are bombarded with liquor ads every day. Switch on your TV, log onto the internet, and visit your local grocery and you will find lots of liquor advertisements. With so many products in the market, it can be difficult to break through the noise. Some companies fall into the trap of hard-selling, and it can alienate customers instead of attracting them. One way to boost brand impression without pushing too hard is through the use of promotional gifts. Take a look at these custom printed drinking glassware from different drink brands.

Custom Printed Drinking Glasses

Custom Printed Drinking Glassware

We often see drinking glassware being offered as a part of a promotional gift set. Some are offered as a gift with purchase or an in-pack gift. High-end ones are offered as separate merchandise or as purchase with purchase promotional items.

Drinkware makes a fantastic promo item because they offer great brand impressions for companies. In this blog, we will take a look at Chimay, Hendrick’s, and Gordon’s promotional drinkware as an example.



The popular Trappist beer is again offering high-quality on-pack glass gifts that customers will love. Customers will get a free custom printed drinking glass when they buy a box of 3 x 33 CL Chimay beer. The bold print is easy to see while the touch of gold on the rim gives the impression of luxury.

Custom Printed Drinking Glasses

Custom Printed Drinking Glassware

Their packaging is also a nod to their brand image. It comes in a royal blue hue with touches of gold, creating an eye-catching contrast.


Gordon’s Gin

Gordon and Vino Chic teamed up for a chic and trendy hand-painted pink glass for their cocktail-loving customers. The elegance and artistry are apparent in these custom printed drinking glassware.

Custom Printed Drinking Glasses

Custom Printed Drinking Glassware

Both companies have benefitted from this campaign as they dubbed their gift set as “Gin Chic.” The colorful floral pattern really stood out to us. The packaging matches the dainty glasses as well. Inside the box is a cocktail glass and a small bottle of Gordon’s London Dry Gin. This practically invites customers to make the purchase on the spot and have a “chic” cocktail that is not only delicious but also Insta-worthy!

Custom Printed Drinking Glasses

Custom Printed Drinking Glassware

Here is another similar example. Jacob Creek and Vino Chic collaborated for this project.



The brand is offering a free teacup candle. This is different from other examples because this is more of a decorative item than a drinking tool. We certainly like the inscription around the rim of the cup. It says, “For a dreamer, night’s the only time of day” – Newsies.

Custom Printed Drinking Glasses

Custom Printed Drinking Glassware

Light up the candle to set a relaxing mood and take a sip of your favorite gin and tonic. We like the novelty of the idea and the fact that it can be reused afterward.

Custom Printed Drinking Glasses

Custom Printed Drinking Glassware

This is not the first time Hendrick’s gave away a teacup for promotion. In the past, they offered tea and saucer set. One might think that this does not suit their brand image at all. However, we feel that this is a great marketing ploy because the novelty of the idea is what makes this promotion work. Check this out:


How Customizing Your Promotional Drinkware Can Improve Brand Impression

According to ASI 2019 Ad Impressions, almost 9 out of 10 consumers own a branded drinkware. This means companies see tumblers, drinking cups, and coffee mugs, as an effective promotional medium. Because they are useful, people tend to keep them for months. And, even if they do not like the drinkware, they can always give it away to those who really need it, further improving brand visibility.

Another reason why drinkware is a good marketing idea is that they target a wide range of audience- kids, teens, parents, the working sector, health industry, and the drinks sector. They are relatively inexpensive to make, thus making them a brilliant marketing gift choice for small and medium scale businesses.

Because the glasses are branded, they make tremendous impressions every time customers use them. Not only that, but people also love to share drinks. We love to offer drinks to our visitors be it coffee, tea, juice, or alcoholic beverage. And when people are in a relaxed state, they are more receptive to your brand message.


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