Vino Chic have impressed us with their wine merch design! They have used these following strategies that we think all wine promotions should incorporate:

Wine Merch GWP promotion by Vino Chic


GWP- Vino Chic has used a gift-with-purchase in their campaign. This technique maximises sales as customers think they are getting more for less. The brand has skilfully marketed their product to their target audience by using the Jacobs Creek wine as the GWP.

Custom Design- The artistic floral design on the glass is beautiful and elegant which goes well with the branding of the product. Similarly, the floral colours on the wine glass replicate the colour scheme on the packaging. For this reason, Vino Chic have successfully appealed to female shoppers.

Convenience- The glass and the customer giveaway are conveniently packaged together. This is great because shoppers appreciate purchasing a product that complements the free gift. The git set is also convenient for customers who struggle with buying birthday gifts and/or anniversary gifts.

Material- The quality of the glass and packaging is exceptional. Here at ODM we encourage your brand to use skilful designers and manufacturers in mass production. This is so you result in appealing products like Vino Chic’s wine glasses.

Visibility- Vino Chic have placed the custom promotional merchandise in clear sight of the customers. Therefore, the GWP promotion is identifiable by shoppers. This is great because the consumer gains more trust in purchasing the product and your brand gains customer loyalty.


How the merchandise design could be improved:

Promotion awareness- Vino Chic have not implemented enough promotional awareness. This includes adding in point of sale promotional displays like; signs that highlight the GWP product, free standing display cards and promotions about the GWP on the packaging of the promotional gift set. These merchandising tools work to endorse the features of the product.

Branding- Promoting your brand is an important addition to your product’s campaign. This allows customers to become aware of who is selling the product. It is also an ever-lasting source of brand awareness and recognition. Vino Chic haven’t added enough branding to their product and packaging.  As you can see there is one only source of brand acknowledgement on the front of the packaging. Because of this, potential customers won’t recognise the wine glass is designed by Vino Chic.

Protection- Vino chic have not sealed the wine glass properly. Consequently, this may cause the glass to move around, slip out of the box or break. So in order to reduce the breakage and wastage expenditure, Vino Chic could have considered more safety precautions when designing the package.

For example:

Gordon’s wine glasses are safely packed in a cardboard box. The box includes a plastic window to showcase the products. Customers are therefore able to identify all the products being promoted. In addition, Gordan have engraved their brand logo onto the wine merch which increases their brand awareness and overall campaign.

Dartington’s Whiskey and Cola packaging covers both the glass and the whiskey- only leaving the logo of the whiskey out of the box. This is significant because customers are able to see the product and packaging through the plastic packaging window, whilst the product also remains safe and secure.


How ODM can help with your wine cup designs

Glass manufacturing Our manufacturing services can provide your company with Glass cups that are designed to your liking. Read this blog to know the precise process of manufacturing glass cups we can provide you with

The glass we produce is 100 percent eco-friendly and BPA free, has anti bacterial properties and contains non toxic chilling gel.

Decallisation- Our ODM team can assist you with decal printing. This technique is used to apply photographic images on substrates such as glass.  Check out this blog to see how decal printing works with basic logos.

ODM can provide you with promotional solutions and product manufacturing for your next campaign. So just contact us or place an inquiry today!


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