Seedlip has got a new surprise for drink lovers- free branded promotional bar jigger. To get the custom jigger, customers must purchase their Spice 94 promotional gift set that consists of a bottle of Seedlip Spice 94, a free bottle of Fever Tree Tonic Water, and stainless custom jigger.

Promotional Bar Jigger

Promotional Bar Jigger


We certainly love the design of the promotional cocktail jigger as the shiny bronze finish makes it look more high-end. Moreover, the logo is custom-engraved, ensuring that the logo won’t wash off after several use.

The gwp stainless steel jigger will be of use to bartenders and liquor enthusiasts. So using them at parties and bars will expose the brand to guests and customers.


Designing a Promotional Bar Jigger for Brand Campaign

In terms of design and production, bar jiggers are an excellent bar promotion idea. They can be given away separately or included in a drinks promotional pack. So, if you are looking to use a cocktail jigger in your next drink promotions, here are some quick tips to help you prepare the best promotional bar jigger for your brand.

  • Choose the Type of Jigger: Which style and size suit your customers’ needs best? Single jigger has one bowl to pour the liquor in while double jigger features two bowls on either side and is commonly used in bars. Some jiggers have shallower bowls while others, like the Japanese jigger have narrower and deeper bowl. Perhaps you want to include a jigger with handle for ease of use? This is important because it allows you to see and plan out how your branding will go into your promotional gift.


  • Make Your Branding Long Lasting: Laser engraving is the best printing method for branding as most jiggers are made of stainless steel. This ensures the longevity of your printed logo and effectiveness of your promotional product.
  • Choose a Theme for a Cohesive Design: Match your jiggers with the design of your main selling product to make a remarkable impact on customers. For instance, using your brand colors  for a more uniform look. If you’re going for a jigger set, complete all the sizes for a high-quality premium custom gift set. The finish is also an important factor in the overall look of your product. So, to understand more about your design options, speak with our in-house designers at Mindsparkz.
  • Add Value to your Product with Meaningful Packaging: Like what Seedlip did, use the jigger as an on-pack offer along with other bar tools. Gift-ready promotional products certainly add value to your main selling products. This is because it saves shoppers a trip down multiple aisles in the supermarket to get what they need.


What we Can Learn from Seedlip’s Gift Set with Promotional Bar Jigger?

  • Make Your Message Clear: Their motto “What to Drink When You’re Not Drinking” is certainly targeted towards a wide range of demographics. Those who don’t drink alcoholic drinks will be able to enjoy this product. It’s informative and so shoppers who are not familiar with their product will be able to form wise buying decisions.
  • Add Excitement to Your On Pack Promotions: For customers. nothing is more exciting than getting a high quality freebie with purchase. With so many brands competing for shoppers’s attention,  it’s really easy to be forgotten. So what better way to make a remarkable identity than giving out on pack promo gifts?
  • Make Packaging More Eye-Catching: While the simple and straightforward packaging worked for Seedlip, you may want to make yours impactful. If you’re just starting up, you need to get your clients and customers’ attention from the get-go. A drinks packaging design that is not only beautiful but meaningful will help differentiate your brand from the rest. Why not get inspiration from The Macallan? The choice of materials, color, and finish- all contributed to a high-end classy look that’s perfect for their target demographics.


Our Takeaway…

Using gift products that relate to your product is a surefire way to pull in customers. The excitement that comes with receiving free items certainly influences their buying decisions. Moreover, meaningful and attractive packaging designs conveys your brand message effectively, driving impulse purchase and retention.

If you’re thinking of what to do with your leftover marketing budget, why not put together a gift set that consists of essential bar tools such as jiggers, promotional cocktail shaker, and glassware gift sets. Take a look at this original promotional product idea:

How ODM Can Help

Should you need help marketing drinks contact our team today. We have years of experience in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing of promotional goods for companies. We can help create the best promotional bar jigger for your business. You may also check out our blog for a wide selection of promotional product options.


Bar Promotional Products to Kickstart Your Brand Campaign

Light up your brand with a LED coaster. Perfect for promoting your brand at dimly-lit bars and restaurants.


Aside from jiggers, uniquely-designed glasses will surely captivate your customers. What’s more, glasses are flexible so you can use them as on pack gifts:


Great example of a gift set that promises customers enhanced drinking experience through their marketing gifts. Pack includes drinking glasses , shaker, and a bottle of Edinburgh Gin.