Luxury Corporate Gifts: Wine Accessory Set for Clients

Keeping clients happy and satisfied is the goal of every business. Whether you are sending them luxury corporate gifts as a way of thanking them for their business or to gain new leads, it is vital to invest in merchandise that represents your company.

Are you looking for a gift that will wow your recipients? Then, how about this wine accessory gift set?


What Makes This Wine Accessory Set a Fine Luxury Corporate Gift?

1. 2 Different Styles

The gift set contains:

1. 1 wine stopper made from zinc alloy, chrome-plated-bamboo top
2. 1 stainless steel wine ring
3. 1 stainless steel + bamboo wine pourer;
4. 1 stainless steel + bamboo wine corkscrew

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Made from sturdy and high-quality materials that do not rust or affect the taste of wine, the accessories will definitely help improve one’s drinking experience.

If you like a more polished look, opt for a stainless steel wine accessory set like this one:

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury Corporate Gifts


2. Appeals to Eco-Conscious Clients

If you want to appeal to your eco-conscious clients, then green corporate gifts should be on your list. These bar tools are made from a combination of stainless steel and bamboo and they come in a cork leather box, which makes them really unique.

Cork is a durable, flexible, resilient, and sustainable material. Its application is not limited to the manufacture of wine stoppers alone. Manufacturers are now seeing the numerous benefits of this material. It can be made into bags, slippers, phone cases, stools, and even household items.

Using eco-friendly packaging materials appeals to your eco-conscious clients. Nowadays, people are more likely to do business with companies that share the same values as them.


3. Practical Value

If you are considering gifting your VIP clients, luxury corporate gifts are a great way to build loyalty and attract new leads. To create top of mind awareness, consider offering practical gifts. But, how does it work?

Many people love to have a glass of wine after a tiring day. So, when they open a bottle of wine, they will see your brand name etched on the metallic part of the corkscrew driver and be reminded of your company. Sharing a drink with their friends and family also doubles your brand exposure, but for less than a quarter of the price of TV ads.


4. Premium Quality

As you can see, the items in the set are all made from high-quality rust and corrosion-resistant materials. The wooden parts, on the other hand, add a touch of class to the accessories.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Luxury Corporate Gifts

The quality of the gift also reflects your company and culture. Investing in premium corporate gifts makes your company look professional and reliable. Having a positive company image helps you gain more clients and keep existing ones in the long run.


5. Ideal for the Wine Industry

Build goodwill with a gift that your clients can use for many years. What is great about sending corporate gifts is that they do not pressure clients into buying from you right away. Send them during a special event so that you have a positively good reason to give them gifts. For instance, Christmas and New Year mean good food and wine! Your recipients will probably need one of these wine accessories. So, if you are in the wine industry, this is probably the most appropriate gift to offer your high-end clients and industry partners. Write them a note to add a personal touch to your gift set.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Are you looking for effective and high-quality corporate gifts for your company? Then turn to ODM Group. With years of experience in the promotional product industry, we can help you source, design, and manufacture promotional products, marketing gifts, and giveaways for business.

If you are interested in this unique corporate gift idea, do not hesitate to email our team. Use product code ODM-3323 when contacting our merchandisers.

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Why Is It Important to Offer Luxury Corporate Gifts?

Luxury Corporate Gifts are really important if you want to impress VIP clients, industry partners, and stakeholders. As these gifts are high-end and a bit more expensive than ordinary corporate giveaways, they can really have a positive impact on how clients see your company. Luxury gifts also allow you to show your appreciation toward your clients in an impressive way, build new business relations, and foster loyalty.

What Makes a Good Corporate Gift?

Practical gifts are definitely the best. They ensure top-of-mind awareness because they are being used every day, thus gaining your brand unlimited daily exposure. Quality is another factor. Quality gifts not only impress clients but also show how reliable and capable your company is. If you can invest in a good, premium gift, then they can also expect to receive the best products and services from you.

What Other Gift Ideas Can I Offer Alongside a Wine Accessory Set

Impress your clients with custom barware with your company logo. Branded bags and relaxation gift sets are also a great idea.

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