We have received some cool souvenirs from Tinkoff Bank in Russia. Clients who order new cards or open a new account will receive a branded face mask and cardholder. Timely and useful, Tinkoff’s custom gifts for clients are something people will treasure for a very long time. It was impressive how small tokens of appreciation can make a positive impact on us. This is a fine example of how to use branded gifts to connect with clients.

Custom Gifts for Clients

Custom Gifts for ClientsIf you are in the financial industry, it is very important to build a strong relationship with clients and stakeholders. Perks and freebies are surefire ways to boost your business relations. Custom gifts for clients also show that you care about your clients and that you appreciate doing business with them.

So what makes Tinkoff’s marketing gifts work?


Face Masks

Soft yet durable, the face mask is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. We also love the simple and sleek design of the custom fabric face mask. It features their iconic logo and its brand name on the upper right corner of the product.

Custom Gifts for Clients

Custom Gifts for Clients


Custom Cardholder

Made from PU (polyurethane) leather, the promotional cardholder looks high-end and expensive. The logo of Tinkoff is etched into the material, creating an interesting texture. Slim and lightweight, it fits standard size jeans and bag pockets. Furthermore, the quality of the material also makes it really suitable for professionals.

Custom Gifts for Clients

Custom Gifts for Clients


Custom Gifts for Clients: The Benefits

  • Peace of Mind: Offering a face mask is a truly thoughtful move. By offering a free custom reusable face mask, they are also giving the gift of protection and safety. Their genuine concern is reflected through the kind of marketing gift they provide clients.


  • Convenience: The custom cardholder offers a convenient place to keep their ATM and credit cards. This way, customers do not have to fish their wallets in their bags to get their cards. They can keep the cardholder in their jeans pocket or bag front pocket.


  • Build Trust and Loyalty: Incentivizing clients with custom branded gifts help companies to build a lasting relationship with clients and customers. In the banking and finance industry, it is really important to build a positive and welcoming image to keep existing clients and gain new leads. A gift with your logo on it helps cement that image!


  • New Referrals: Although the gifts from Tinkoff was offered as a freebie for opening new accounts, there is no doubt that the items they offered can also be used to gain new leads. By providing gifts in exchange for referrals, a company can gain new prospective clients in no time.


  • Raise Brand Awareness: Wearing the face mask with the company logo effectively puts your brand out there. Like bags and other wearable promotional items, a custom branded facemask positions your brand at eye-level, the most lucrative brand placement.


  • Uphold Brand Reputation: You want your clients to see you as a professional and reliable company that they can depend on. As such, it is critical to invest in high-quality promotional products (but not necessarily expensive) to reflect your core values as a company. In our example, Tinkoff’s cardholder is made from PU leather and is professionally-designed, thus upholding brand reputation.


Our Key Takeaways

Reusable Masks and cardholders are just two of the most widely-used promotional gifts this year. There is a high demand for face masks due to COVID 19 and cardholders are a go-to gift for companies. They can be used by the clients right after your meeting and most importantly, they will surely keep them for a very long time.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Are you looking for custom gifts for clients? Fortunately, our merchandisers and designers can help you out! With years of experience in the promotional product industry, you can expect us to deliver high-quality branded corporate gifts and business giveaways that your recipients will love. Send us an email today to learn more about how we can help you with product brainstorming, designing, customization, and sourcing.

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