Companies, especially in the professional services industry, are always looking for new strategies to gain more visibility and maintain long, deep relationship with customers. One of the most successful ways to generate great results is by offering premium corporate gifts. Here, at ODM, we work hard to provide clients meaningful and useful corporate gifts that will help improve productivity and efficiency. Here’s one of our favorites: a sleek employee gift set. We love this custom corporate gift set and we will reveal 7 benefits that this will bring to your business.

Custom corporate gift

Custom corporate gift

This gift set consists of a pen, a custom card holder, and a notebook. The cover is made from PU material to give it a sleek and high-end look suitable for corporate employees and clients. Furthermore, the cover has compartments for the pen and card holder.

You can use the cardholder to keep business cards, ID, license, stored value card, and credit cards. Thin and portable, it makes it easier for customers to keep them in their pockets or in their organizer. Considering these features, we believe that they will make great promotional products for companies. Below we listed all its benefits:


7 Benefits of Giving Custom Corporate Gift Set

  1. Increase in sales. 

    Once a customer has received the gift, they will keep in mind your brand and they will be more likely to spend more on services from your company. As a result, sales will increase but also brand awareness. Your services will be perceived with a high value.

  2. Develop B2B relationships. 

    If you develop a useful gift that can be very relevant in an office environment, customers will use it frequently. If the gift makes everyday tasks easier, people will be reminded of the company, and it’s an amazing advantage to develop relationship with current and potential clients.

    Custom corporate gift

    Custom corporate gift

  3. It helps to remain in a leader position.

    Branded corporate gift sets will make your brand memorable in clients’ minds. They will always think of you when they need your service and it’s a smart way to thank your clients for their support.

  4. Improve brand image.

    The act of giving a custom gift set is associated with goodwill. Clients who will receive your unique corporate gift will have a positive perception of your company. As a result, you improve in an impressive way your brand image among potential clients.

    Custom corporate gift

    Custom corporate gift

  5. Generate more leads to your company.

    If you put your logo on each corporate gift of the set, you will increase interest of your business. You can put also a business card inside your set because customers are more receptive to companies that give them gifts.

  6. Maintain customer loyalty.

    Corporate gifts generate customer loyalty. As they are very happy with the gift, they will be more likely to demand your services. Clients see your gift set as they are important for you, so it increases positive feelings towards your brand.

  7. Boost positivity during tough times.

    As the world is facing a serious sanitary crisis, giving a custom corporate gift set is an excellent way to boost positivity. Clients will be happy when they receive gifts! Furthermore, this could be included as part of your work from home survival kit to keep your employees company during these hard times.

    Custom corporate giftCustom corporate gift

    Custom corporate gift

To sum up, giving corporate gift for clients will bring excellent benefits to your business. It will increase sales, develop strong relationship, improve the brand image and boost the positivity of clients. You can reach out to your clients in a way that will touch their hearts.


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So, would you like to have a custom corporate gift set tailored for your company? Then contact ODM today! We have years of experience in designing and product sourcing. You can rely on us for high-end corporate gifts and custom promotional giveaways for business. Please quote product code ODM-1220 to find out more about this product.


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