The recent COVID19 pandemic has really hit many industries hard. Some businesses are closed temporarily during this lockdown period. When businesses resume, some would have promotions to attract customers and regain sales. Therefore, we think that giving branded “We Miss You” gifts is a great way to show that you value your customers and hence, ensure customer brand loyalty.

The ODM team has gathered over 20 promotional gift ideas that may appeal to customers in various business sectors.

For Employees 

Offering corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation to your employees and to motivate them to do better!

  1. Corporate Gift Sets

Corporate Gift Set -Company Promo Idea

Corporate Gift Set -Company Promo Idea

Welcome back employees into the office with a gift that everyone will need. Not only practical but a great advertising tool as well. It will lift your employees’ moods and strengthen loyalty, by showing your appreciation. 

Employee gift pack

A successful business has been shown to be directly related to your employee’s performance. When you have a team of committed and loyal employees, there is a sure chance that your sales can improve! 

The gift set comes in a custom packaging that contains a customised notebook, pen, leather, key chain, etc.  So, show your appreciation to employees with an Employee Gift Pack.


2. Custom Webcam Covers: Trendy Employee Gift Idea!

Custom Webcam Covers

After a time where social interaction has become minimal to none. Use corporate gifts to rebuild employee morale and belonging in the office. In this digital age, webcams can be hacked to access your personal information. But this simple solution is also your company’s marketing pot of gold. Perfect for employees’ gifts.

Product Code is #2622.


3. Business Card Holder

Branded We Miss You Gifts

Branded We Miss You Gifts

A custom business card holder is great for employees to keep their important business cards or credit cards. They are lightweight and slim. Also, there are a variety of materials to choose from, aluminum, leather or woven fabric!

Branded We Miss You Gifts

Branded We Miss You Gifts

Product Code is #1111 (aluminium) and #1867 (leather)


4. Custom USB Data Blocker

Custom USB Data Blocker

Branded We Miss You Gifts- Custom USB Data Blocker

Cybersecurity and data protection is increasingly important. Juice jacking can occur when you plug your device to public charging stations. Therefore, a custom USB Data Blocker will help protect your devices and prevent the loss of confidential data when you are using public charging. This device is great for employees who are always on a go!

Product Code is #2801.


For Hotels and other Accommodation 

5. Premium Custom Hotel Amenities


Custom Hotel Amenities

Custom Hotel Amenities

Return to operating services with larger than average custom hotel amenities, perfect to boost your brand exposure. As we all know customers tend to save products they use in their staycations for different occasions. These customized products act as portable marketing tools as well as encouraging positive word of mouth marketing, crucial in the hospitality industry. Keep customers pleased and satisfied, and keep future customers flooding in.

Product Code is #2439.

6. Customised Branded Stationery

customised branded stationery

Customised Branded Stationery

Simple and practical products can leave the greatest impressions when done right! Having your brand stay in the minds of your customers even when check out is complete means the stay has been done right. 

Customised branded stationery is a surefire way your brand gets into customers pockets. This custom giveaway gift is one that has great practicality compared to other promotional giveaway products. And an amazing way to create a memory for customers to physically take away.


7. Custom Hotel Toiletries 

You can find Hotel Toiletries at any hotel that are used to enhance hotel experiences. Since these are products customers will find at any hotel company, stand out from competition and boost marketing with custom hotel toiletries. Come back into operating business with these great advertising and branding tools, showing your customers you miss them!

Custom promo hotel toiletries

Custom promo hotel toiletries

Travel Industry

For Airlines/ Cruises

8. Custom Travel Pouch

branded We Miss You gift

Custom Travel Pouch

A custom travel pouch is a great promotional gift to entice customers to fly with you or to thank them for choosing you. The pouch is a very useful travel accessory to help organise their luggage and hold their most valuable items. It is also waterproof hence, protect your belongings from being damaged. It can also be used to carry toiletries or cosmetic products.  Customise these pouches by choosing the colour, material or design. You can also have your logo or mascot printed on it!


9. Custom Plush Toy

Commuter Advertising : Plush Souvenirs That Gets Customers

Commuter Advertising: Plush Souvenirs That Gets Customers

Custom plush toys make really cute and fun “We Miss You” gifts and are definitely suited for everyone. You can customise them to whatever you like. There can also be a collection of plush toys for passengers to collect. It could be a great marketing strategy as some passengers may want to fly again to get the whole collection.


Customized Plush Toys

Customized Plush Toys

We also came across these “colour it yourself” customised plush toys. They make really great activities for kids or actually, anyone to pass the time on a long haul flight!

Product Code is #2725


10. Custom USB Drives

branded We Miss You Gifts

branded We Miss You Gifts – Custom USB

A USB drive in the shape of an airplane or a yacht makes a really unique yet functional “We Miss You” Gift for your passengers. They will definitely keep it as a souvenir to remember their travel experience with you. 


Product Code is #276 and #811.

For Travel Agencies

11. Luggage Cover

branded We Miss You Gifts

branded We Miss You Gifts – Luggage Cover

A custom luggage cover is a very functional gift to protect the luggage from being damaged or scratched. You can customise them by having your brand logo printed on it. This can also increase your brand visibility as the travel case can also be a walking billboard for your brand!



12.  Custom Travel Pillow

Custom Travel Neck Pillow

Custom Travel Neck Pillow

A travel pillow is definitely a must-have to have a comfortable flight. You can also consider inflatable travel pillows as it will take up less bag space. They are customisable by having your brand logo printed on it.

Product Code is #456.

Food and Beverage 

For Restaurants

13. Custom Bamboo Lunch Box Set



The cutest, sustainable, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing Custom Bamboo Lunch Box Set. With everyone isolating at home, these lunch boxes make great gifts to help boost your brand image. Customers definitely miss dining in restaurants. But keep in mind that in the long-run these lunch boxes serve as a brand recognition tool customers can keep. So, whenever they pick these custom bamboo lunch sets, immediately your brand, your food, your restaurant will come to mind.

Product Code is #2937.


13. Roll Up Towel Cake

Giveaway Idea – Roll Up Towel Cake for Restaurants

Stand out from the competition in the F&B industry with these adorable custom roll-up towel cakes. You can offer this as a complimentary gift to customers or at events packages. Offering a free gift is seen as a gesture of generosity and a form of investment that will bring your brand greater return. Items that customers can bring home is like a memory of your brand that they keep that can be very effective in enforcing brand recall.

For Bars

14. Unique Glasses

3D Interior Design for Drinking Glass

3D Interior Design for Drinking Glass

In the booming drinks market and the flood of customers who miss the bar, here’s how your brand can re-open with a bang! Entice your customers and get them raving about these uniquely designed glasses as they take their first sip. Give a unique, practical and high-end appeal that will keep customers coming back for more.

Product Code is #2287.

Tech Companies

15. Custom Screen Cleaner



Do you know that our phones are actually more dirty than toilet seats? We think everyone should have a custom screen cleaner as it can disinfect your phone and get rid of the bacteria. Show that you care for your customers and still remind them to maintain their hygiene always with a screen cleaner. In addition, they are also very functional as the casing could also be used as a phone stand. Wow your customers with a gift that has a two-in-one function!

Product Code is #2235.


16. Bamboo Desktop Organiser with Wireless Charging

Branded We Miss You Gifts

Branded We Miss You Gifts

Amaze your customers with a desktop organiser which has a stand for your phone or tablet and a wireless charger. A three-in-one function! It is a very functional device that can help your customers keep organised. Furthermore, the organiser is made of bamboo wood which gives a very aesthetic and premium feel. Furthermore, it is also an eco-friendly product that will definitely please your customers and will boost your brand image.

Product Code is #2574.


For Conventions and Trade Shows

17. Hand Sanitizer Spray Pens



Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen

Hand Sanitizer Spray Pen

At trade shows, you will meet lots of people and will shake hands with them. Always remember to maintain proper hygiene by keeping your hands clean to prevent the spread of germs. A hand sanitizer spray pen will make a great promo gift to give to attendees as it is a multi-functional object. It is lightweight hence more convenient way to carry your hand sanitiser. Users will also no longer forget to bring along their hand sanitiser.

Product Code is #612.

For Concerts

18. Custom LED Pulse Bands.

LED Pulse Band

LED Pulse Band

Make your concerts “LIT” with led-pulse-bands by turning it into a light show. They can be customised by printing the name of the concert or performer on it. It will definitely make your concert a night to remember. Coldplay recently used LED wristbands on their European tour.  After the concert, attendees can keep their bands to remember the time they had at the concert. 

For Sporting Events

19. Commemorative Scarves

branded We Miss You Gifts

Branded We Miss You Gifts – Commemorative Scarves

Fans will be waiting for major sporting events to resume or to start. Once it resumes, they will be pumped and enthusiastic about their team and would want them to win. Why not give out scarves to your fans for them to raise up and show their support for their team?

Product Code is #585.

20. Promotional Sports Bottle

Get Noticed with Promotional Sports Bottles with Foldable Body

Promotional Sports Bottles with Foldable Body

Brilliant Sports Promo Product Idea Soccer Water Bottle

Brilliant Sports Promo Product Idea Soccer Water Bottle

It is important for spectators to stay hydrated during the events. A promotional sports bottle will be useful for them to store their drinks. The design of the bottle will also definitely wow them.


Product Code is #2207 and #2807.


For Theme Parks

21. Customisable Lanyard and Data Cable

Customizable Lanyards with Data Cable as Corporate Giveaway

Customizable Lanyards with Data Cable

A lanyard is definitely handy for park-goers as it can be used to carry their tickets or their phones. Why not surprise them with a 2-in-1 lanyard, that can also be used as a USB cable? It can definitely increase your brand recall and awareness.


Product Code is #2080.

For Cinemas

22. Promotional Snack Trays and Drinking Cups



Amaze movie goes with a cup that has two compartments or a snack tray that can be attached to your cup. Also, it is great to promote a sustainable lifestyle with reusable snack trays and drinking cups. Your customers can bring home these cups and trays to reuse or to bring it along when they go to the cinema again.


Product Code is #2020.

For Casino

23. Customisable Wine Gift Set

Customizable Wine Gift Set for Premium Bar Promotion

Customizable Wine Gift Set for Premium Bar Promotion

Looking for fancy bespoke gifts to give to casino goers. Well, a premium wine set is your answer. You can have a  jigger, stirrer, wine put, foil cutter, bottle stoppers, bottle drip ring collar, corkscrew or wine pourer in the gift set, You can also have your wine set customised by having the brand name engraved on the box and printed on the tools.

Product Code is #1708 and #1844.



24. Promotional Reusable Tote Bags

These promotional reusable tote bags are trendy, versatile, practical and not to mention environmentally friendly. In addition, the design of your tote-bag can cater to your branding needs. Come back with “We Miss You” bags to show your customers and employees that you miss having them around!


25. Promotional Gift Sets

Enhance brand performance and distinguish your brand from others with these retail promotion ideas from the very best. Customers see these promotional packs as great deals worth the buy. From whiskey stones to wine glasses and cookies accompanying coffee. Get inspiration for your next return to store promotion. Customers miss you!

Gym and Wellness

For Gyms

26. Custom Cooling Towels

Custom Cooling Towels

Custom Cooling Towels

We think that a custom cooling towel is a must-have for all gym-goers. Gym goers should be considerate for others by using the towel to wipe off the sweat from the equipment. Unlike normal towels, they are made from thick PVC which helps to cool down the user. This is what Serena Williams used to stay cool during tennis matches!


Product Code is #2694.


For Spas and Salons

27. Custom Cosmetic Pouch 


Preen and Elizabeth Arden Collaborates for a Custom Cosmetic Pouch

Custom Cosmetic Pouch

A bespoke cosmetic pouch will be a great “We Miss You” gift and will definitely show them that you value your customers. The pouch can be used to store their make-up, skincare or hair care products. It will help with organising their bag. In addition, they are also waterproof, so they will not have to worry about spilling fluids in their bag.

Product Code is #1756.


Learning Points

Branded “We Miss You” Gifts are great personalized promotional products to show that you value your customers or clients even after the lockdown period. This can still ensure customer brand loyalty and brand remembrance.

We hope that this situation will clear up quickly so that everyone can carry on with their normal lives. The ODM team wishes all the readers the best of health and to stay safe always.

How ODM can help

If you are interested in having branded “We Miss You” gifts or custom promotional products, feel free to reach out to the ODM team. We specialise in promotional product designproduct sourcing and manufacturing. We also have a talented team of designers from Mindsparkz, that can help with the ideation. The ODM team has many years of experience in the promotional product industry and will deliver high-quality bespoke marketing gifts.

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