In-flight promotions or in-flight advertising are a great way to entice customers to fly in their airline. Offers may include free upgrades, complimentary baggage allowance, access to exclusive airline lounges, and more. Take for example, Cebu Pacific’s current in-flight promotion. The Philippine-based airline loves to give away cool marketing gifts through in-flight games and activities.

Reasons Behind Cebu Pacific's Successful In-Flight Promo

Reasons Behind Cebu Pacific’s Successful In-Flight Promo

What Is This In-Flight Promotion?

In-flight promotions are any marketing campaigns that are run by airline companies during flights. Passengers are either given the chance to check out exclusive products and discounts that are only available in-flight.

Cebu Pacific always injects fun and exciting games midflight. The winner takes home an exclusive Cebu Pacific custom cosmetic pouch. This branded pouch is perfect for keeping your personal items because it has water-resistant plastic cover.

But what we really love is the image of their mascot printed on the plastic. It gave their product a more personal and welcoming feeling. However, the image did not stand out much. To ensure that the mascot’s image pops, we suggest using a color that is in contrast to the background.

For more ideas, here are some of the best in-flight promotions from various brand-airline collaboration:

We like what Philips has done here because the cosmetic promotional gift compliments the product itself. Also, in-flight promo gifts increase the likelihood of spontaneous and impulse buying due to exclusivity


HK Express sells these in-flight merchandise to their passengers at a really affordable price. Because they don’t really rely on the profits of the sales but the marketing benefits generate brand awareness and exposure.


Last but not least, Samsonite’s promotional umbrella offered via their inflight magazines. These in-flight magazines are best for long haul flights because it keeps the passengers busy.

Why Do We Love This Custom Pouch As An In-Flight Promotion Gift?

  • Fun and Exciting – When you’re midflight, all you wish is to land as soon as possible because long flights are boring and you always feel unproductive. That is why,in-flight promotions such as games are great for breaking the monotony of the flight. Not only will they enjoy the entertainment but passengers will also receive cool freebies from the airline. These airlines will certainly leave a positive impression to the passengers which is beneficial for the brand’s image.
  • CustomisablePromotional pouch bags are highly-customisable and affordable to produce. Brand marketers and product designers may customise their pouches however way they like. However, do check the minimum order quantity for this type of product. Simple merchandise tends to have high MOQ in China. So even though the production cost is relatively inexpensive, the minimum order quantity might be larger than what you really need.
  • Brand Promotion – Incorporating branded promotional merchandise in your in-flight promos is a great strategy to further promote your company. Customers love receiving gifts from their favourite brands. In fact, the winner of this custom pouch immediately snapped a photo of the promotion which he posted online.


If you would like to create your own in-flight promo, please feel free to contact the ODM team. Our team is always ready to answer all your marketing and manufacturing queries.


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