Cathay Pacific and Philips have partnered to offer an exclusive cosmetic promotional gift, a pocket mirror, with the onboard purchase of the Philips Eye Brightener. This was spotted in the July / September 2018 Cathay Pacific in-flight duty free magazine.

In-Flight cosmetic promotional gifts are a great opportunity to boost sales and increase customer impulse buys. If shoppers are getting something extra in a one-time offer, they are more likely to purchase the consumer good.


Cosmetic Promotional Gift: GWP Mirror Boosts In-Flight Sales

Cosmetic Promotional Gift: GWP Mirror Boosts In-Flight Sales

We like what Philips have done here as the cosmetic promotional gift compliments the product on offer – what better way to see the results of your product than a complimentary mirror? A gift with purchase is therefore a fantastic way to engage customers into thinking they are getting more for their money.


Why offer a gift with purchase? Find out here!

Cosmetic Promotional Gift: GWP Mirror Boosts In-Flight Sales

Cosmetic Promotional Gift: GWP Mirror Boosts In-Flight Sales


When customers are on a flight, (on route to a holiday or coming back from a business trip), they are more likely to be in a ‘treat myself’ mood than usual. Here is certainly an excellent moment to capture the customer’s attention with an additional cosmetic promotional gift or personalized promotional & marketing gift items.


How in-flight gifts and offers can increase customer sales:

  • Increase the likelihood of spontaneous and impulse buys. A gift triggers a customer’s desire to buy your product as they believe they are getting more for their money. Giving away a custom cosmetic pouch which customers can use to keep the eye brightener and pocket mirror is also a great way to stimulate sales.
  • Brand exposure and marketing gift set – the pocket mirror is also branded. When used by itself ‘on the go’ people are still being exposed to the Philips branding.
  • Stimulating sales – increase in sales due to more demand for included  promotional cosmetic products.
  • Can increase the experience of your existing product while offering the customer something extra.

Many companies similarly use a cosmetic promotional gift, or a duty free promotion to boost their sales at the airport or onboard aircraft. We love how KitKat did this here:


Would your company benefit from a cosmetic promotional gift? If so the ODM Group would love to hear from you – get in contact with us today!


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Another brand, Elizabeth Arden, also uses custom cosmetic pouch gift to compliment its products