Marketing to kids is a bit tricky. Careful planning is crucial to develop effective and wholesome promotional products for kids that even parents will love. To help you come up with great ideas, here are some excellent examples from our recent trip.

We spotted these cool merchandise being advertised on a Duty Free Magazine on board Airasia. They are offering a wide range of retail products that target the younger market. There are Frozen and Pororo-themed products being sold in-flight.

Kids will surely love the Frozen wallet set that includes a branded wallet and a colorful analog watch. The trifold wallet as well as the branded custom watch showcase Elsa as the main design.

Promotional Products for Kids

Promotional Products for Kids


This insect repellent will surely keep children safe from diseases caused by mosquito bites. It features a Pororo and friends’ characters so kids will be encouraged to use this product.

Promotional Products for Kids

Promotional Products for Kids


Prevent chapped lips with this Pororo lip balm! Kids and adults alike will surely find this one useful. The lid of lip balm have Pororo and friends’ faces so they really are eye-catching and engaging.

Promotional Products for Kids

Promotional Products for Kids


Why These Promotional Products for Kids Are Effective?

When we talk about In-flight promotion, these are any promotion done by airlines to improve their  brand campaign. Some airline companies offer freebies, while others offer products at large discounts. Doing so immensely improves customer service.

These products are for retail. But in this blog, we will take a look at their promotional benefits.


Branded Wallet

Promotional Products for Kids

Promotional Products for Kids

With wallets, you have two sides to play with. Both sides can be printed with your brand name, logo, or brand message. As kids love vibrant colors, we recommend to use hues that pop.

In our example, Frozen wallet is showing its main character Elsa. The pink lining perfectly frames the design, making it stand out more.

Why we like promotional wallets and purse is because they come in a range of styles, shapes, colors, and designs. Functionalities differ as well. For instance, there are wallets for documents, for bills, as well as coins.


Custom Watch

Watches are a great way to get your brand literally in the hands of your target customers. As customers always look on their watches to check the time, your brand gets daily brand exposure.

As watches also work as fashion accessories, they can be customized to various sizes and styles. Our example is an analog watch with Frozen’s Elsa as the main design. It is decked out in Frozen’s signature color, which makes it easily recognizable.

With watches, you can have a lot of options, design and style-wise. Whether you want an analog or digital watch, make sure to add a splash of bright colors and engaging, fun, designs to keep children interested.


Branded Mosquito Repellent

Don’t let mosquito bites stop your fun! Dengue and malaria are diseases that you can get from mosquito bites and kids are vulnerable to these illnesses. But as a parent, you can protect your kids from mosquito bites by using a mosquito repellent. What makes this stand out is the custom shaped container that kids will love. The vibrant color and cute design are engaging.

Promotional Products for Kids

Promotional Products for Kids


Lip Balm

Keep lips moisturized with this cute branded lip balm! Why it makes a great marketing gift is because it’s not only handy, but it also allows brands to communicate their message in a subtle way.

Promotional Products for Kids

Promotional Products for Kids

The lip balm in this example is really enticing. The yellow branding stood out against the blue colored tube. And to make it more appealing to kids, they have added a Pororo topper. From the packaging, one can clearly guess that the lip balm is banana flavor.

So why should your company invest in a promotional lip balm? One, portability. A small item like this can fit into a small bag, allowing customers to carry them around with ease. Secondly, it not only targets children, but it also appeals to parents. Anyone can use a lip balm so this means greater brand reach.



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