These cute little notebooks with fuzzy cover and quirky designs are unique merchandise for kids that you should consider using for your own brand campaign. Practical and attention-grabbing, they offer unlimited branding opportunities and advertising benefits.

Merchandise for Kids

Merchandise for Kids

Novelty is the primary selling point of these custom notebooks. We rarely see these designs in retail stores, so we feel this will be a hit among customers.

We have here animal shapes such as alpaca, swan, duck, and bird. There are also other cute characters such as Pegasus, doughnut, and ice cream. But how can these pieces of merchandise for kids augment your marketing strategies?


Why We Love these Merchandise for Kids

  • Fluffy Cover – What really caught our attention is the fluffy cover of the notebooks. The soft fabric used in these notepads added interesting texture and visual appeal. They look so soft to touch, which prompts passersby to stop and touch them.
Merchandise for Kids

Merchandise for Kids

  • Design Appeal – Aside from notebooks with fuzzy cover, there are also glittery ones. Studded with sequins, the notebooks glimmer in the light. Here’s an example:
Merchandise for Kids

Merchandise for Kids

The Pegasus is embroidered into the material while the wings are studded with faux diamond. The combination of different materials provides excellent texture.

  • Age Appropriate – Vibrant colors and funny characters are suitable for kids. There are also ring-bound pocket notebooks which are great for jotting down notes or sketching. The embroidered designs really pop thanks to the soft and shiny fabric used in these pocket notes.
Merchandise for Kids

Merchandise for Kids

  • Gift-Ready – Shoppers looking for a trendy yet useful gift for kids may find these items interesting. They make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or reward for getting good grades.


How They Can Augment Your Marketing?

Unique Designs Keep Customers Interested : These not only target kids but parents as well. So when it comes to designing these items, make sure to use bright colors and fun designs to make them more interesting in the eyes of your target customers.

Ideal Gift for Kids – Vibrant and eye-catching, kids would be proud to carry these notebooks around.

Boost Sales – High sales is what every business aims for. One way to do so is by offering free gifts or special offer gwp. Why not offer these cool notebooks as gifts with purchase along with other kiddie products? They can also be offered with free branded promotional pens or crayons. With something as useful and beautiful as these colorful notebook, you will surely see a sales surge in no time!

Repeat Exposure – As customers use your custom designed notebook, your brand remains top of mind. It ensures repeat exposure at a low cost.

Customization – Customizing the notebooks to suit your customers’ needs adds a personal touch to your merchandise. So when customers receive something that other companies do not have, its perceived value increases.


So, would a customized notebook with unique and colorful covers help your company achieve its marketing goals? If so, contact The ODM Group right away and reference product code 2518 to get a quote. Our team has vast experience in promotional product design and manufacture of merchandise for kids. You may also check our blogs out to find more design inspiration.


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