Promotional Gifts Items for Kids : 6 Benefits of Custom Coloring Bags

Tired of the usual promotional gifts items for kids? Worry not, these custom coloring bags will surely bring color to your brand. These bags are of high quality and fun to use.

You have a lot of design options, when it comes to designing promotional bags for kids. Here at ODM, we love to add an interesting twist to ordinary items such as tote bags. Since you are marketing to kids, we thought, why not make them engaging and interesting? What better way to add fun to your marketing gifts than offering a something that they can customize themselves?

Promotional Items for Kids

Promotional gifts Items for Kids

These bags can be made from either cotton or non woven RPET and the designs can vary depending on your branding requirements. There are also lots of options when it comes to materials. Paper, cork, and bamboo are now making waves in the market. Eco-friendly promotional bags will improve your image as a company.

Features of Custom Coloring Bag

Promotional Gifts For Kids

Promotional gifts Items for Kids

  • Can be made out of cotton and non-woven RPET
  • Measures 370mm(w) x 420mm(h)
  • Silk-Screen Printed Graphic Designs
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with Crayons

Custom Coloring Bags as Promotional gifts Items for Kids: What are the Benefits?

1. Brand Engagement

These coloring bags are not your ordinary custom branded bags as they are made with kids in mind. After coloring the bags, kids will be happy to show off their artwork to their friends. Because they colored it with their own hands they will certainly be proud to carry these bags around. As they customize the bags themselves, they become more familiar with the brand name and logo, which further strengthens brand engagement.

2. Sustained Interest in Your Brand

These kids promotional products not only targets the younger market, but they also appeal to the older ones. Parents may find these bags an ideal gift for their little ones during special occasions or festivals. As such, marketing managers should take advantage of special events to make shoppers interested in their products. These bags can be marketed as a custom retail merchandise or used as a gift with purchase along with kids’ apparel, school supplies, or food.

Promotional Items for Kids

Promotional gifts Items for Kids

3. Increased Sales

When used as a marketing gift with purchase or purchase with purchase, these bags could effectively increase your sales. When offered free or sold at a lower price, shoppers will be encouraged to buy more than what they actually need. Furthermore, incorporating them into your on-pack promotions or displaying them beside the main selling product can increase the perceived value of your products.

4. Fun and Educational

Aside from its practical value, a coloring bag can have cognitive benefits for kids. Not only does it encourage young ones to be creative, but it also improves their motor skills. Practical, educational, and fun to use, this will attract potential customers to your products.

5. Positive Word-of-Mouth

Offering unique GWPs and customer giveaways will surely entice customers to try your products. When customers are pleased with your merchandise, they will recommend them to their friends. Positive word of mouth is effective in that it improves your credibility as a brand.

6. Long-Lasting Visibility Beyond Retail Stores

Bags work as walking advertisements for your company. With your brand name or logo on the bags, you gain massive attention beyond retail shops. Kids will be happy to show off the bags they personally colored. So as long as the branded bags are used by your target audience, you can be sure to gain unlimited advertising benefits at no additional cost.

So, if you are looking to have excellent promotional gifts items for kids, do not hesitate to get in touch with The ODM Group. Our team will help source and customize various marketing merchandise for your business. With years of experience in the promotional product industry, you can definitely rely on us for high-quality promotional products and advertising tools that are tailor-made for your business.

If you are interested in this product, send us an inquiry and quote product code ODM-2606.

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Why are customizable products good as promotional giftss?

Customizable products such as the custom coloring bags are great to engage your customers. It allows your customers to express their personality and creativity. This personal experience that is incorporated in the gift will definitely create a lasting impression.

Why custom coloring bags?

Custom coloring bags will not only let yours customers express and resonate themselves with the brand, but also lets them use the product. Therefore, unlike coloring books these bags can be used outdoors to maximize brand exposure.

How do you recommend I apply this to my brand?

We've seen many other brands do this type of custom personalized goods for their customers. This can mean creating a printed framework of your brand's logo or mascot within the merchandise and allowing your customers to color within the lines. This ensures that the brand remains relevant in the process of creativity.

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