These promotional canvas tote bags have been a great marketing tool for the Borough Market in London. We found these branded merchandise during our trip and we absolutely love the concept behind these reusable tote bags. They are custom designed and a great way to increase brand exposure beyond shop floors.

Customizable and brandable, tote bags are an effective marketing item for any company wanting to better their brand exposure. Below, we explain why we love this strategy.


Promotional Canvas Bag

Promotional Canvas Bags


Why We Love Promotional Canvas Tote Bags

Reusable:custom eco-friendly bag is vital for shopping markets like the Borough Market. These types of bags are great for the environment. Frequent market shoppers shouldn’t be using plastic bags as it is wasteful and harmful to environment. It is much more effective to promote a brand with environmentally friendly products since more and more countries are banning the use of single-use plastic bags.


Practical: Tote bags are practical. What’s more, the branded tote bag can be taken to the market to carry fruit and vegetables and everyday items; from the beach to the shopping mall. They are spacious and, therefore, can be taken anywhere. The white bag is more of a shoulder bag, which is practical for people shopping. It’s practical value and flexibility, makes it a fantastic promotional item that shoppers would want to have.


Stylish: These promotional canvas tote bags are aesthetically pleasing. Coming in two different styles, the brown bag is simple and matches the style of a market place. The white and green tote bag has a great image of the atmosphere, and hustle and bustle of food market. With the brown bag reading ‘Borough Market’ in a green font, matching the colour used on the white tote, both of these bags complement each other.


High quality: Both totes are made with high-quality canvas material. The brown bag has thick leather handles, which is a long-lasting material. Tote canvas bags are dried and treated to resist moisture and mold damage. The cream strip along the top and the bottom of the brown bag creates extra stability for holding heavier items and for a longer life span.


Why customising the tote bag is a great marketing idea?

Social media: On the white and green tote bag, you can see all social media names below the market image. This includes their website name, Twitter and Facebook page. Showcasing social media platforms on a tote bag is a smart advertising idea. Not only will this target people who purchase a tote bag, but it will encourage any people who see the design, to search up their media platforms. In addition, On pack promos are effective for brands.


Promotional Canvas Bag

Promotional Canvas Bags

Showcases the atmosphere: Specific to the white and green tote, the image demonstrates the market atmosphere. Markets are great community gatherings where people can provide fresh produce. By putting the picture on the front of the bag, people become interested. For any event you are promoting, giving a sense of what people are to expect will make them more likely to join, or buy merchandise from you.


Brand image: For these branded promotional bags, Borough Market has created a specific brand image. The image resonates with the rustic materials used for the brown tote bag. Whereas, the white and green tote bag exhibits a laid-back feeling. For your own brand, creating products that complement each other is effective in generating a strong brand image, like these bags do. Brand image is important to consider for all promotional products.


Customised: A great marketing technique for any brand moving forward is custom branded merchandise. Custom promotional products, like these promotional canvas tote bags, showcase your brand in the way you want.


Promotional Canvas Tote Bags

Promotional Canvas Tote Bags

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