Teens and Young Adults are one of the biggest consumers of beauty and skincare products. Brands are constantly rolling out promotions targeting them, in order to stand out in the highly competitive industry. Recently, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, we came across this promotion by Mentholatum Acnes in a supermarket. They are offering a GWP Tote Bag when shoppers purchase their bundle pack, which consists of Acnes Vitamin Cleanser and Acnes Scar Care.

GWP Tote Bag

GWP Tote Bag

Mentholatum Acnes brand themselves as “CHUYÊN GIA VỀMỤN TUỔI TEEN” or the “Acne Specialist for Teenagers” in Vietnamese. Indeed, this gift-with-purchase promotion by the brand is successful in marketing to their target age group.


Here are a few reasons why Mentholatum’s GWP tote bag promotion is successful:

Product Packaging

The bundle comes in a very visually appealing product packaging. The use of pastel colours is indeed very soothing and appealing to teenage girls.

Furthermore, on the box, there is the text “Da Sáng ngời HÈ TUYỆT VỜI!”, which means “Brighter Skin FOR A GREAT SUMMER!” This tagline really identifies well with the youth as they would want to achieve that kind of outcome with their skin, especially, in the hot and humid weather of Vietnam.

GWP Tote Bag

GWP Tote Bag

Promotes Sustainability

The trend nowadays in the younger generation is living a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. This includes reducing the usage of single-use plastics by opting for recyclable tote bags. This free gift incentive entices many shoppers to buy the bundle pack as they think it is value for money.

Furthermore, by promoting eco-friendly habits, it can help improve the brand image of Mentholatum. More shoppers are likely to support them rather than their competitors as they are more sustainable.


Shoppers may be inclined to purchase the product due to the style factor of the branded tote bag. The tote bag is of pastel colour and the handles come with a red ribbon. This style surely appeals to teen girls.

GWP Tote Bag

GWP Tote Bag


Tote bags are a high utility item. Teens would use them often to carry around their valuables or use it when they go grocery shopping. Furthermore, as it is now the summer season, they could bring this beach tote bag on their beach getaway. This will create impulse buys as they would purchase the bundle pack in order to get the on-pack free gift.

The gift can also be something unique and innovative that will intrigue the shoppers. Here are some interesting on-pack promo ideas that will appeal to the age group:

Custom Ear Savers: Wearing masks for too long can cause pain behind the ears, but these will solve the problem. They can also be customized to fit the taste of the target market!

Custom brass door opener keychain – Indeed a very useful tool that teens should have, especially, those who are more conscious about touching unclean surfaces.

Purse hanger keychains – no longer worry about getting their bags dirty again when using this product.

Compact mirror with power bank function- This 2-in-1 product will definitely entice many people!


The tote bag is foldable and lightweight, hence, very convenient to bring around.


Tote bags are low cost to manufacture, making them cheap promotional items.


Our Takeaways

We can learn a lot from Mentholatum’s gift with purchase promotion on how we can better market skin care to teenagers.

Their gift was something very practical and high-utility. The colour schemes and design were well-chosen and appealing to the target market. They also understood the current trends in the lifestyle, by also going sustainable.


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