4 Engaging Features of Eyewear Displays in Singapore

Are you an eyewear retailer? Eyewear has been a lucrative business for many brands, with an estimated 2.6 billion people diagnosed worldwide with myopia. Therefore, there will be a continuous demand for eyewear not just for fashion, but also for those suffering with shortsightedness.

How do Eyewear Retailers attract customers?

There is an abundance of eyewear retailers in Singapore, with major players such as Own Days dominating the market.

Question remains – how do eyewear retailers compete in this business and attract customers to visit their store? Like all brick and mortar stores, sales promotional displays such as POS Displays and FSDUs make an enticing way to invite customers to purchase their products.

Displays are great to showcase a sample of your product which customers can engage with.
It gives them the opportunity to interact with the product, such as trying out the glasses and eyewear. Today, we will be showcasing some of the engaging features of eyewear displays that were able to successfully attract customers.

Feature #1 : Built in Mirror

How do you make customers invite themselves into your stores? Leverage on their vanity! While many might not admit it, but consumers are very conscious of how they look. Mirrors are a great way to entice customers to look into the store, as they would naturally feel inclined to look at themselves.

Moreover, with eyewear, customers would require a mirror to see for themselves how the glasses would suit their personality. This gives them a first hand experience of using the product before purchasing it. As a retailer, your duty is to serve customers with a variety of options that will serve their needs. This makes it more engaging and tailored to each customer.

Eyewear Display

Feature #2 : Aesthetics

When designing a product display, consider using basic shapes such as squares and rectangles.
Squares and rectangles give a sense of uniformity to consumers which will be very appealing.

This feature makes your display look much more organized, and definitely easier to look at.
As you can see, the store uses a lot of rectangles into their displays. The mirrors, eyewear inserts and shelves are all rectangular.

Eyewear Display

Feature #3 : Sales Promotion

These eyewear displays give eyewear retailers to directly send marketing messages to customers when selecting which eyewear they would like to try out. Each eyewear insert can be used for promotional messages, by including selective backgrounds such as “Must Have” or “New Arrival”.

In marketing, it is important for businesses to guide customers with the purchasing process. Using messages like these helps narrow down their options, especially when browsing through a lot of them.

Eyewear Displays

Feature #4 : Easy to organize

One of the most difficult issues to manage by retailers is organizing the stocks and inventory of products.
With only one sample of each eyewear put on display, the rest of the inventory could be kept in the storeroom/back-end. This prevents shop theft and also makes it easier for the service crew to re-organize their inventory at the end of the day.

eyewear displays

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