The drinks industry is an extremely competitive industry. Thus, it is critical to stay relevant and in-demand. Visibility is very important when it comes to promoting your business. What better way to improve your visibility than using a LED point-of-sale display ? In this example, Licor 43 opted for branded floor displays with LED for their Duty Free marketing. The displays are definitely hard to miss. Here’s why we love their LED POS product display!

POS product display

POS product display

What Sets Licor 43 POS Product Display Apart?

  • Modern Design: The bespoke product display looks futuristic and modern. The neat and simple design allows customers to focus on the products highlighted bu the circular LED lights and on the branding on the body of the FSDU.
  • Branded FSDU Commands Attention – With a free standing display, Licor 43 is easily recognizable. They don’t have to compete for shelf space and customer attention because they have their own display. Thus, it helped emphasize what is good about their products.
  • Unity in Design: One look at the POS product display, one can see that it is well-thought out. The uniformity in design looks pleasing to the eyes and it helps people remember their brand well. How? People are visual creatures and our brain is wired to find connections and meaning in designs, visuals, and written words.


Why LED?

Your goal is to impress people. In other words, the more visible-the better. LED point-of-sale displays are available in various designs. The beam of light makes the product look more appealing. The colors used in LED displays are stimulating customer’s senses.

It is also practical as LED lights are known to last longer than conventional lights, are energy efficient, and safe to use. Incorporating LED in POS displays gives merchandisers more room for creativity. Here are excellent LED point of sales display you should check out!

There are signages, Logos, and outdoor displays. Aside from the fact that they are attention-grabbing, they also make your brand visuals come alive. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings, they are a perfect addition to your shops and office.


The advantages of using LED POS Product Display:


LED lights can easily attract people walking by the store. Moreover, people will remember your brand right away and it’ll stay in their minds. The stunning visual effects that LED POS gives is a perfect opportunity to raise lasting brand awareness.

*Custom Made

They’re fully customisable! From small adds to your stand to massive light up logo, you can fashion them any shape or size you want. And that’s what makes it an excellent promotional tool. With our help, you can have your own LED point of sale display custom made for your business!


We all know the importance of having a unique and eye catching POS product display. Aside from making your brand visible, it also allows you to get your customers to focus on your products only. A well-designed, well-maintained custom retail display also improves your image as people will feel that you only want to give them the best. There is no better advertising strategy than investing in unique POS displays.


The big advantage of LED displays is that they’re versatile. Indeed, they can be transformed as you wish. Here are perfect examples:

Presented below a brilliant LED point-of-sale display by Blanx! They are selling whitening toothpaste with LED light to activate the main whitening ingredient in their toothpaste, hence the LED light toothpaste cap.


Here’s another great example of LED POS display. This one was spotted in Vietnam and it was truly attention grabbing.


Another smart way to incorporate LED into your POS display! This one by Close-Up makes the product look cool and refreshing.


In essence, with a POS product display, you can differentiate your brand from the rest. As the drinks industry is becoming more saturated, a custom display gives your brand a head start.

When done right a POS product display can be helpful to every business. With a bit of creativity and passion to give customers the best, your merchandise display will surely be noticed. LED point-of-sale display is ideal for both indoor and outdoor marketing. They catch your audience’s attention no matter where it is installed.


How ODM can help?

The ODM Group has a team of designers and merchandisers who can help you source and design high-quality promotional products, POS display units, and marketing gifts. We have an extensive experience in product design, product sourcing, and manufacturing. So do not hesitate to contact us now!


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