We love this Penfolds bespoke product display for many reasons. Sleek and simple, this in-store display has made a good impression on customers.

Bespoke Product Display

Bespoke Product Display

The combination of different elements such as LED lighting, acrylic display, customized bottle glorifier, and custom fit shelves have contributed to the aesthetics of the whole display. We believe that the harmonious design is what made this POS display so alluring to shoppers.

If you are thinking how you can create a stunning bespoke product display that commands attention, we will share with you some of the things we have learned from Penfolds’ display.


What Sets Penfolds Bespoke Product Display Apart?

Use Bold Colors: The black and red combination definitely gave the brand a serious and strong look that befits their target customers. These are also the predominant hue of their brand, which makes it very easy to remember. Therefore, when designing your own promotional drinks display, you need to pay attention to your choice of colors. This could affect the way your brand is perceived.

Incorporate a Custom Bottle Glorifier: What we love about their bottle glorifier is that it was designed to look like a ribbon uncoiling around the bottle. It gave the illusion that a special gift is being unwrapped before the audience. It was great that they have opted for this design because their marketing motto for this campaign was : “Celebrate with the Gift of Penfolds.” Thus, it positions the brand as a must-have for special events.

Bespoke Product Display

Bespoke Product Display

Make Sure Your Custom POP Display is Well-Lit: We have mentioned before that the lighting can have a positive effect on your display. It highlights what is good about your product and direct customer attention towards your display. Here, we can see that the advert that says “Top Pick” is well-lit, thereby emphasizing the fact that the product on offer is a good deal or that is “highly recommended.”

Bespoke Product Display

Bespoke Product Display


Custom Fit Shelves: On the left, there are three layers of shelves while on the right, they opted for step shelves. This is not just for aesthetic reasons. Such arrangement allows them to maximize their limited floor space and showcase as much bottles as possible. When designing a free standing display unit, the floor size should also be taken into consideration. Knowing how big your POS display should be allows you to envision a flexible POS display design. Take a look at this branded FSDU by Umeshu. All the bottles fit perfectly in each shelf. It was small yet impactful. And thanks to its size, it did not get in the way of the shoppers.


In Conclusion…

POS display units are an excellent marketing tools to make your products stand out by presenting them in a pleasing manner. And Penfolds got it right! From the style, to the color, down to the tiniest details and props, they were able to get their brand message across.

Marketing drinks can be tough especially now that so many strong competitors have emerged in the market. That is why you need the help of a professional POS display designer and manufacturer. Luckily, The ODM Team can help you out! We have a team of merchandisers and product designers who can help you with designing and sourcing custom retail displays and promotional products. Send us an email to learn more about our services.

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