Taking part in spontaneous drinking challenges has always been an essential part of any social event! So what could be a better way to target customers than by introducing your own custom drinking games? Not only can you fully customise these products, but you can also turn the boxes into your own custom branded packaging. They are a perfect summer promo idea for your customers!


custom drinking games

Custom Drinking Games – Basketball Drinking Game


So what benefits can customised drinking games bring to your business?

custom drinking games

Custom Drinking Games – Triangle Cup Holder

  • Word-of-Mouth advertising – When people use your custom drinking games to liven things up, the humorous activities that ensue will be a talking point for years to come. As these stories of amazing parties are told to friends and colleagues, they’ll want to get in on the action too. As a result, they’ll purchase the games in anticipation of the next communal gathering. An additional bonus is that people will post pictures of the products being used at parties on social media for all their friends to see!


custom drinking games

Custom Drinking Games – Shot Glass Paddle Set

  • Positive Recall – The entertainment gained from using custom drinking games is immeasurable! Your customers will reminisce about the fun your products have brought to their evenings. Therefore, when they are shopping in the future and see your brand, they’ll be delighted and inquisitive about what you have to offer! Another benefit of custom drinking games is their versatility. The simple design makes them perfect for any event. They would not only put a fun twist on student and staff parties, but also birthdays and stag/hen dos!


custom drinking games

Custom Drinking Games – Mini Football Drinking Game


  • Raise Brand Awareness – What better place is there to advertise your brand than at a party? You’ll have a constant stream of new people getting enjoyment out of your products for hours at a time. As a result, they’ll remember your logo so they can purchase your products for their own events. At these events, they’ll invite their own friends to try them out who will recommend them to their other social groups. Once this cyclical pattern of behaviour begins, your network of customers will continuously grow!
custom drinking games

Custom Drinking Games – Buzz Wire Drinking Game


In Conclusion

You don’t only have to be in the drinks industry to personalise these custom drinking games. This is down to the fact that they create such high levels of positive recall, customers will recognise and be willing to try your other products regardless if they contain alcohol or not! To solidify your brand in your customers’ mind, you could also consider adding custom drinking cups or branded mini coolers to this promotion. This will boost brand awareness for both new entrants to the drinks industry, as well as established businesses.


ODM could help you create your very own custom drinking games!

If you are interested in these products, send us an inquiry today. Quote product code:

2630 – Basketball Drinking Game
2629 – Triangle Cup Holder
2628 – Shot Glass Paddle Set
2627 – Mini Football Drinking Game
2626 – Buzz Wire Drinking Game

Do you want your products to bring the life to the party? Look no further than ODM! ODM has a specialised group of designers that will be able to cater to your various needs. Our team will be able to help you every step of the way to ensure the best experience possible so contact ODM today!


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