What makes a good summer promotional product? ODM believes that your summer promotional item should be fun to use and engaging. After all, summer should be fun, right? One of the best ways to make your promotions a hit is by using custom logo games.

Swimming and other outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking, are popular during summer, however, some people are not very athletic. Make your marketing campaign more inclusive by using board games or indoor games, which many people can enjoy. Case in point: this Connect Four Game!

Custom Logo Games

Custom Logo Games

A Connect Four Game is a two-player connection game in which players take turns dropping colored chips into a 7 x 6 grid. The first person to form a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal line of four discs is the winner.

However, what makes this game different from the ordinary Connect Four is its gigantic size. The board measures 125 x 110 x 35cm while the discs measure 14.5 in diameter. The grid is made from pine wood and MDF material.

People will surely love the spin on this classic board game. They can be played indoors or outdoors.  The fun factor and novelty are critical selling points of this product. From a marketing managers’ perspective, this game makes an ideal promotional tool. Here’s why:


Custom Logo Games: Why Giant Connect Four for Summer Promos

  • They Make Great POS Displays – Board games are a great addition to venue marketing. Coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are encouraging face-to-face interaction by incorporating board games into their promotion. Moreover, branding the giant Connect Four game is essential in creating a more personal brand message.


  • Add Fun to Events – This is ideal for indoor and outdoor settings. Customers can use them to liven up their garden parties, get-togethers, and local community games.


  • EngagingBranded games are a simple way to stand out from competitors. Playing this giant garden game allows customers to not only interact with other players, but it also allows for brand interaction and recognition.


For a successful summer promo, here are some useful and practical marketing hacks:


4 Tips to Make Yor Summer Promos Exciting with Custom Logo Games

Run a Competition – Nothing makes beer marketing and summer promos more exciting than competitions. Marketing managers can run a competition, and whoever wins will get a glass of beer or drinks promotional products. For summer promos, they can set this up outside their shop, and winners shall get a freebie or a voucher for limited-edition custom promotional merchandise.

Make Your Brand Visible – Take advantage of the unlimited exposure by making your brand name even more visible to customers. The discs are a good place to print your logo. you may also inscribe your logo or brand name on the grid to personalize the game.

Custom Logo Games

Custom Logo Games

Use them as a Custom POP Display – Displaying them outside your shop encourages people to take part in whatever marketing activity your shop is doing. It will also motivate people to enjoy the sun while having fun with their friends. Furthermore, the massive size is hard to miss, so customers will be drawn easily to the display. Others might be encouraged to take pictures of it and upload them to social media.

Offer Discounts – Increase consumer conversion by offering discounts or free customer giveaways to participants. Doing so will increase brand interaction and improve the shopping experience. Custom Outdoor Games make a great conversation starter. When customers have fun, they might recommend it to their friends, thereby promoting your shop to other people.


To make your summer promotions a hit, here are other games you can add to your brand campaign:


Custom Logo Games You Can Use for Summer Campaigns (And All Year Round!

1.Giant Garden Tic Tac Toe – We have put an exciting spin on this classic board game! Customers will have fun playing noughts and crosses in the garden. It is a fantastic marketing strategy because the pieces are larger than the normal Tic Tac Toe. Furthermore, playing this game means allows customers


2. Table Games – Here is a list of table games to offer your customers.


3. Foosball – While waiting for their order, customers can play foosball and chill!


4. Stacking Block Tower – This is a great marketing idea for coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. This is the perfect way to create a one-on-one interaction between customers.


5. Bean Bag Toss Cooler Game – We absolutely love this toss game. Click the link to find out why:


6. Spike Ball – This one makes an excellent beach promotional product. Branding the net and balls will provide maximum visibility for the brand.


7. Drinking Games – Make your drink promotion more fun and exciting with these drinking games. Fully customizable and engaging, these products will surely keep your brand on top of customers’ mind.

Indeed, custom logo games offer great marketing benefits, including increased brand visibility, engagement, and effective word-of-mouth advertising. Displaying them at the venue will surely attract more customers to visit your establishment.

So if you need assistance with designing and sourcing custom logo games, then contact ODM today. Our merchandisers and product designers are here to help you out. We have experience in manufacturing custom promotional giveaways for business, corporate gifts, and marketing displays. If you like this product, then do not hesitate to send us an email of inquiry to get a quote. ODM-2809 is the product code.


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