Such Promotional Games bring back memories from the early days as a child.  The Stacking Block Tower Game is a well-known game which can be played by everybody and is a nice game to test your mental and physical skills, as a team or as individuals. To start playing the Game you build this Tower up and then try to take out one piece after another without plunging it.

This Giant Stacking Game is a great way to promote your brand, as this will not only be played in the own garden, but also in parks and public areas in general, like beaches with a lot of people, joining in.

Promotional Games: Branded Giant Stacking Block Tower

Promotional Games: Branded Giant Stacking Block Tower

Promotional Games like this are great to gain more attention to your brand and is an incentive Product with which you will gain a lot of Sales.  The bag is great to take it around, where ever you want to go to have fun with this Giant Stacking Block Tower. But not only the bag is brand-able, also the single wooden pieces of this Tower are perfect for your branding.

By taking these pieces out of the tower and keeping the concentration up, your customers are focusing on the wooden piece to pull them out safely and will definitely notice its unique branding. The branding can be printed or embossed on every single wooden piece of this Stack Tower.

Why should you think about Promotional Games?

  • Fun Factor. To provide a promotional product which is not only a practical one, but also a game which actually makes a lot of fun will help your image immense and will gain you a boost of your Sales.
  • Brand awareness. Having customers who feel good about your brand by having fun with this promotional product will help your brand awareness, as you not usually play such promotional games alone, but with minimum one other person. This will just multiple itself to a crowd of people.

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