Humans are social creatures, and as such we make friends with people we like. True friends can go a long way in life and that is why we should celebrate them this July 30th! This International Friends Day, show your customers that you care, giving out these promo branded games!

Branded Games - International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day

Branded Games

Shot Darts Drinking Game

Branded Games

Branded Games

Darts places are being a popular haunt among young people, thus what better way to promote branded games or bonding games with darts! This product is highly customizable as to what the wordings will be, the size of the dartboard, and even the colour of the board. This means that you can Pantone match the colour of the board to suit your brand’s colours and the words can even be used to convey a certain message to your audience. On top of that, you can use a promotional shot glass to further promote your message. As customers will be aiming at the board they will be bound to keep their eyes on your message, thus a really good way to promote your marketing message.

 Buzz Wire Drinking Game

Branded Games

Branded Games

Here’s another interesting, yet classic, bonding game. This branded game is not only high pressure but will also get more difficult the more you drink. The rules? Get from one end to another, if the wires touch it will buzz and you will have to take a shot and continue. This promotional product is highly customisable as the wire can be bent to form any shape to match your brand logo or shape. The base of the game can also colour matched to fit your brand colours and marketing message. As such this will make a great drinks promo gift.


Flick Beer Pong

Branded Games

Branded Games

Beer pong is a common bonding party game, this game is an innovative variant to the traditional beer pong. This branded game involves aiming the small basketball and flicking it into your opponents’ cup, if it enters the cup then your opponent will have to finish the contents of the cup. There are many branding opportunities with this product such as customising the ball or the cups. As this game is well known and fun, having such an innovative alternative is bound to attract people to play with it. Having your branding plastered on a game frequently played would mean your brand is frequently exposed. You can even use custom drinking cups or a custom promotional mini basketball to further boost your branding.


Branded Games are not only good as a bonding promotional gift but is great at boosting your brand exposure at events and parties. Not only does it build on your customers’ trust for the brand but boost your brand and customer relationship. With many festivals to celebrate, branded games are not only relevant for one event, but for multiple! What are you waiting for? Start making your custom promotional products today!

Interested in these products? Contact us and quote 1226 (shot darts drinking game) 2626 (buzz wire drinking game) and 2630 (Mini Beer Pong Game)

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