Bacardi, a world-renowned rum, now offers a custom drinking cup as their on pack promo gift. Simply purchase a bottle of your favourite rum and you get their most coveted personalised promotional and marketing gift. This special offer can be found in leading stores worldwide.

This custom drinking cup from Bacardi looks really hip and trendy. We recommend this cup for the best house parties. Having a huge arsenal of these cups could take your ordinary beer pong game to the next level. Furthermore, this unique promotional product can be used repeatedly. Hence, it greatly helps with marketing and promotion since the logos are highly visible on the sides.

On - Pack Giveaway from Bacardi: Custom Drinking Cup

On – Pack Giveaway from Bacardi: Custom Drinking Cup

Why do we think this custom drinking cup is an effective marketing step for Bacardi?

  • Useful Item – Everyone knows and loves Bacardi. As a result, consumers would love to receive such marketing gifts from a top brand. Furthermore, the item is also useful and functional. This encourages the customer to make purchases.
  • Enhance Brand Awareness – This promo gift is suitable for all party lovers. Since party introduces traffic to your brand, the chances of getting spotted are higher. Bacardi printed their logos on the side of the cup for better brand exposure. Great logo placement allows customers to recall your brand and your products. When your customer remembers your brand, it encourages them to make more purchases. High brand awareness means higher sales and profitability.
  • Appealing –  This item looks really nice and simple. Customers would definitely enjoy drinking their favourite mixes in this custom drinking cup. Furthermore, the packaging design exhibits a party vibe that makes it stand out from the competition.
On - Pack Giveaway from Bacardi: Custom Drinking Cup

On – Pack Giveaway from Bacardi: Custom Drinking Cup

We also suggest adding a custom POS display to boost the brand exposure. Check out a good freestanding POS display from Jack Daniels.

Overall, this trendy custom drinking cup makes a great promotional product since it is doable, cheap, and marketable. Its design is simple yet effective; effortlessly improves brand visibility. Moreover, the customisability of the giveaway means versatility. Hence, it’s ideal for any business.

If you want to have your very own custom drinking cup, speak with us. Here at ODM we have a lot of experience in delivering high-quality design work to our clients. Please contact us today to see if we can help you with any upcoming projects.

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