Having a great POS display reflects the kind of product or brand that you are promoting. It’s one of the first things people will notice about your brand. And as the old adage says, “first impression lasts.” This is why Jack Daniels created a  cardboard POS display that leaves a good and lasting impression on customers.

Brand Promotion: Cardboard POS Display by Jack Daniels

Brand Promotion: Cardboard POS Display by Jack Daniels

The cardboard POS display by Jack Daniels boasts three types of their whisky line. On the base part, we can clearly see the bold logo of Jack Daniels. The bottom part of the 3-tier free-standing display unit shows the regular black type. On the middle is the Tennessee Honey and on the topmost part is the Tennessee Fire. Since this is a free-standing unit, the display pops out from the rest of the shelves. Also, the brand uses a dominant matte-black colour background that highlights the products and the logo.

Why do we think Jack Daniels’ Cardboard POS Display unit is Effective?

  • Eye-level Logo – We all know that eye-level is always the buy level. As consumers, we don’t really spend much attention on the lower shelves. Also, Jack Daniels really knows its consumers since they filled the “touch level” with their products. It’s a pretty smart move by the brand and this is one of the reasons Jack Daniel is among the top performing liquor brands.
  • Colour Tones – As mentioned, the dark background makes everything pop. And the logo in Jack Daniels’s POS display unit looks very prominent. It also highlights the products making it very visible to consumers’ eyes.
Brand Promotion: Cardboard POS Display by Jack Daniels

Brand Promotion: Cardboard POS Display by Jack Daniels

How can we improve Jack Daniels campaign?

Aside from a good POS design, we can also use digital screens or video POS display to really divert customers’ attention towards your product. Check out the link below to learn more about digital POS display.

We live in a world where everything is competing for the attention of consumers. To gain a competitive edge, retailers will have to stand out in some way. And this is what Jack Daniels did for their products.

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What's a free standing POS Display?

A free standing POS display simply means a standalone shelf display. This kind of display unit easily stands out from the usual store-provided shelves.

How can we improve POS design?

Aside from a good POS design, we can also use digital screens or video POS display to really divert customers' attention towards your product.

What are the advantages of point of purchase displays?

POP displays helps effectively bring a customer's attention to that particular brand, and away from any competing brands. This would also benefit your company, as the customer might purchase your product upon first sight.

Where should I put my point of purchase display in retail stores?

The display has to be close to eye level, which makes it even easier for a customer to spot your products. You can decide to put it next to the entry or check-outs.

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