The Macallan’s promotional idea is such a brilliant inspiration for brands looking to boost their travel retail marketing. The company’s bespoke merchandising display’s captivating “concept” is the definition of luxury and class.

Travel Retail Marketing

Travel Retail Marketing

The unique custom POS display was designed for The Macallan Limited Edition Concept No. 2. This is the second release in the Concept series, which is a collection of limited-edition whiskey exclusively created for the travel retail industry.

The exquisite colors and choice of designs match their promotion very well. We also love the custom whiskey packaging here. The vinyl discs on the box are a nod to their current marketing concept.


Travel Retail Marketing

Travel Retail Marketing

Here’s Why We Love this Travel Retail Marketing

End Cap Display: Using the end cap of a gondola shelf is a great way to stimulate sales, improve visibility, and maximize shelf space. Because The Macallan is placed on the end cap, they were able to design it in a way that will help reinforce their promotional message.

Colors Pop– Purple is associated with royalty while gold signifies luxury and wealth, and this really strengthens positive brand association. Colors are important when it comes to designing your POS display. The choice of colors can have an immediate effect on how people perceive your brand.

Strategic Location– The front and center aisles are the places inside a store that see the most foot traffic. Using a gondola end cap to promote The Macallan Concept No.2 is certainly a smart decision. In terms of visibility, the promotional campaign is located where people can have easy access to the product.

Compelling– The packaging as well as the display is very different from their previous ones. Concept No. 2 showcases the passion and similarities in the creative processes of creating whiskey and music, hence the vinyl record designs in their packaging and label. Even the bottle glorifier is in the shape of a vinyl record. Furthermore, the poster in the lower part of the end cap display reminds one of a concert.

Limited-Edition– By positioning their brand as a limited-edition product, people are prompted to make the purchase before it is too late. Since the travel retail industry is full of high-class and expensive products, adding this little detail in their marketing POS display helps differentiate their products from other brands’. It intrigues people. It pushes shoppers to pay attention to their offerings.

Travel Retail Marketing

Travel Retail Marketing



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