Custom Whiskey Packaging by Royal Salute: A Classic Design

The renowned Scotch whisky brand Royal Salute has come up with a premium packaging for their ‘Diamond Edition’ whisky.  This custom whiskey packaging makes their whiskey a fantastic drinks promo gift. The pack contains a one large and one smaller bottle of whisky.

Custom Whiskey Packaging by Royal Salute A Classic Design

Custom Whiskey Packaging by Royal Salute A Classic Design

As you can see here, the premium and intricate packaging give it an expensive feel to it. As such, we can say that it is a wonderful example of a promotional product packaging.

Importance of Custom Whiskey Packaging

  • Brand recognition: With such an eye catchy design it can surely create more brand recognition while on display.
  • Customer satisfaction: A loyal customer is more likely to feel more satisfied when there are such special offers on products.
  • Brand Loyalty: As a result of customer satisfaction, it is highly probable that the customers stay brand loyal.
  • Increasing the sales: Through such customization, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, it can clearly increase the sales.
Custom Whiskey Packaging by Royal Salute A Classic Design

Custom Whiskey Packaging by Royal Salute A Classic Design

In addition, customizing the packaging allows brand marketers to add a personal touch to their products, which can be an overall favorable marketing technique for the brand. We can say that this custom whiskey packaging is one of the best customized packaging designs there is. Furthermore, we also recommend adding a POS display to create a stronger impact when promoting such products.

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