Ballantine returns with a new design for their bottle label and branded whiskey packaging for their new Limited Edition Whiskey. This is their 2nd product in the Signature Flavour Edition Series which highlights each key tasting notes in their iconic 21-year old blend. Ballantine’s branded whiskey packaging caught the eye of our ODM staff. This classy packaging is definitely worth a blog mention! Continue reading to find out why you need branded packaging for your drinks!

The new edition packaging from Ballantine whiskey “Delicate Citrus” highlights the delicate citrus flavour notes following the success of the “Warming Spices” edition, designed for another bottle of whiskey. Their beautifully crafted and designed packaging has been proven to be a success! 

5 Reasons You Need These Classic Branded Whiskey Packaging Designs

5 Reasons You Need These Classic Branded Whiskey Packaging Designs

Why we love this Branded Whiskey Packaging

When your beverage or product’s feature is distinct and special, it is definitely something you want to showcase and entice your consumers with. Some brands use samples and taste testing in supermarkets and stores, but is there another alternative? Well, here at ODM we believe that visuals can be powerful tools for your brand. They embody your brand identity, brand message, and what your drinks represent through colours, shapes and designs.

We see this example in Ballantine’s modern, elegant graphic design, in its branded drinks packaging that brings to life a combination of the fruity clementine citrus flavours unique to its drinks. A vibrant yet classy design to bring out its oaky vanilla notes, this stunning brand of whiskey was able to reflect its whiskey’s quality all from the glance of its packaging.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Classic Branded Whiskey Packaging Design

Visual Appeal 

After many years of experience in the industry we can say that customers always appreciate products that put a lot of effort and thought into their brand packaging design. When making a purchasing decision, people almost always choose the products that apple to their eyes. Simply put, the prettier it is, the more a customer would consider buying it! 

Reflection of Quality

While visuals may not be everything when it comes to your brand’s products, in the drinks industry one cannot tell of the quality or flavors of a drink till purchase. Because of this, packaging plays a pretty significant role. Done right, it can reflect the quality of your product, your brand message, and what your beverage embodies. This is where the quality of the design, attention to detail, and material used will reflect on your product in the eyes of consumers. 

Stand Out!

In the saturated drinks market, there are many great brands out there that you will be competing with on shelves. Great drinks packaging design will be able to help you stand out from your competitors. Imagine rows and rows of whiskey on shelves that look similar. That one product with a beautiful exterior will catch your eye. The curiosity of consumers -the desire to know more about your products- is also a factor because it is pleasing to the eye. Use branded drinks packaging to stand out on shelves!

Make Great Gifts 

Alcoholic Beverages such as whiskeys, champagnes, and wines are popular gifts among friends. Whether you are bringing a bottle to dinner or celebrating at a party, drinks make great gifts! The presentation of a gift makes it all the more special. So, a beautifully designed branded drinks packaging tells your customers that you have done the job of packaging it nicely for them. This then becomes an enticing factor for customers to pick your product off the shelves.


Apart from enticing your customers with aesthetic designs. Branding can play a huge part in marketing and advertising your brand or limited edition products like Ballantine. Imprint your brand logo onto your packaging or use your brand colours for instant recognition. Often when a beverage has well-designed and high-quality packaging, consumers keep the bottles even after finishing it just for the design and quality. This means that even when your product is no longer there, the impression stays with your customers beyond your beverage. 


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Convinced that branded drinks packaging can boost your brand tremendously? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or would simply like to know more. Our team at ODM has years of experience working with global brands curating drinks promotional merchandise and custom marketing gifts. Our team of designers will be able to create a wonderful design suited for only your brand. 


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