Jura wowed their customers with their excellent custom beverage packaging. From the materials down to the smallest details, Jura Whiskey packaging is impressive and meaningful.

Custom Beverage Packaging

Custom Beverage Packaging

To push your brand front and center, it is necessary to pay close attention to your drinks packaging design. Every detail should reflect what your brand stands for. This is exactly what Jura did!

This packaging is for their limited-edition Jura Prophecy. The sleek design maintains an air of seriousness and mystery. We love the embossed ridges on the body of the tin packaging. According to the description at the back of their custom whiskey packaging, their bottle bears the Third Eye because Prophecy is “a dram steeped in stories with every drop holding a different tale to tell.” One can see that the design is well thought-out. It gives customers a hint of what to expect from their products.

Custom Beverage Packaging

Custom Beverage Packaging


Why This Custom Beverage Packaging by Jura Whiskey is Impressive

  • Durable Support – As the custom beverage packaging is made out of tin, it’s surely durable. The durability of the packaging provides good support and protection for the bottles.


  • High-Quality – High quality design and materials shows that the brand has put a lot of effort in their designs. The sturdy material support the bottles, while the overall design is meaningful and impactful. Having a high-quality bespoke product packaging shows that you care about your image and your customers.


  • Aesthetic Appeal – The intriguing design of Jura will surely attract curious customers, thereby stimulating stimulating engagement right at the point of sale. As people are visual creatures, most of our buying decisions are based on how beautiful the packaging is.
Custom Beverage Packaging

Custom Beverage Packaging


  • Texture – Rarely do we find packaging with exceptional texture that really appeals to customers. The ridges created a bottle-within-a-bottle effect similar to Russian nesting dolls. Speaking of Russian dolls, you may want to check out our blog about custom nesting doll as promotional packaging.


  • Engaging –  This packaging is not only pleasing to the eyes, but the deep meaning behind their concept connects with the audience in a more personal level. Therefore, Jura packaging also allows customers to learn more about the product and what they can expect from them.


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