Product packaging plays a vital role in product merchandising. It gives your brand an edge over competitors. Since this will be the first thing that they will see and touch, you have to make sure it is tailored to your brand image. Custom designed or bespoke product packaging may be what you need to win the shelf war!

Bespoke Product Packaging

Bespoke Product Packaging

Wuliangye liquor has been one of the top-ranking liquor of China. It is uniquely characterised by‭ “‬lasting aroma‭,‬‭ ‬mellow and luscious taste‭, ‬harmonious and just-right flavour‭”. Their unique branded bespoke product packaging caught our attention. The bottles have unique designs and shape. In addition, they make perfect gift idea for special occasions. Bespoke packaging may be beautiful to look at, but does your company really need it? Let’s weight the pros and cons.


What are pros of bespoke product packaging?

  • It is an effective way to quickly achieve sales boost.
  • Beautiful to look at, it encourages customers to try the product.
  • A well-designed packaging can also encourage customers to switch brands, making it a good marketing tactic.
  • For companies who aim to create personal  connection with customers, using bespoke packaging can be a good way to connect with them. Putting your brand on the packaging can instantly catch the attention of customers and eventually increase sales.
Bespoke Product Packaging

Bespoke Product Packaging

Bespoke product packaging – What are the Cons?

While a bespoke product packaging can be a good way to differentiate your brand from the rest, you still have to consider your marketing budget, your message, and target market. Depending on the materials and complexity of the design, some bespoke product packaging can be very expensive. Thus, it is necessary to plan things out and consult professional designers that specialize in brand packaging design such as The ODM Group.

You also have to consider whether the materials are eco-friendly. With green marketing becoming the trend today, it would be great if you could use eco-friendly custom retail packaging such as:


All in all,

Bespoke product packaging can be a great opportunity for your company to push more sales by presenting your products in a visually appealing manner. However, it needs to be well-planned. A good promotional packaging design is easily remembered. So is the bad.


How ODM can help?

Our team of promotional product designers and marketing specialists are ready to help you. If you’re thinking about creating your very own, unique design don’t contact us today!


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