For brands to expand, they must diversify their product range. Diesel has been savvy, capitalizing on the success of the original ‘Only The Brave’ cologne by creating more products for this line. Each has a bespoke perfume packaging design which suits the scent and acts as a point of difference.

Bespoke Perfume Packaging

Bespoke Perfume Packaging

What caught our eye about Diesel’s bespoke perfume packaging?

1. Design: The design is very interesting, with the bottle shaped like a clenched fist. Diesel’s logo is fashioned as a ring over two of the fingers. For the ‘street’ scent, pictured above, Diesel has crafted their bottle from concrete. This is clearly closely linked to streets and gives the bottle an urban feel. The final look is unique and masculine and appeals accordingly to Diesel’s key audience well.

2. Materials: The silver metal top contrasts with the industrial concrete bottle, creating a polished look. As can be seen, Metal accents are popular for a reason. These give a sense of authenticity to the packaging. Substitute materials can be used for premium packaging design without costing too much.

3. Display: The perfume POS display showcases the bottles, highlighting the fact that displays need not be large to make an impact.

4. Contrast: Diesel’s bright orange display contrasts with the grey cologne bottle. This commands attention. “Only the brave” is in black text. It is smart to draw attention to this as this product line has great brand recognition.

5. Branding: Diesel has clear branding across all scents in the ‘only the brave’ line. Diesel’s logo is consistent, as is the packaging. ‘Street’s’ box also features a concrete texture. The design on this looks great, with Diesel’s logo printed in foil lettering to stand out and ’Street’ in the same bold red as the display. The final look is clean and cohesive while still interesting.

How does Diesel stand out?

Each perfume bottle and package is identical in terms of specifications. Diesel has played around with color, lettering, and design with their custom packaging to ensure that each product stands out. ‘Tattoo’s’ bespoke perfume packaging is glossy plastic and the box features a tattoo-esque cursive font while ‘Street’ is matte concrete.

Bespoke Perfume Packaging

Bespoke Perfume Packaging

How can custom packaging benefit your brand?

Awareness: The packaging spreads Diesel’s message. As such, customers only need to see these boxes to understand that Diesel positions itself as a premium, edgy brand. All in all, this is great advertising.

Visibility: This bespoke perfume packaging stands out ahead of other brands. This is good shelf marketing and creates an initial point of contact with customers.

Experiment with texture, material, and design. The options are endless! Bear in mind what kind of packaging is a good match for your product and what your competitors are doing well.

Bespoke Perfume Packaging

Bespoke Perfume Packaging

Bespoke perfume packaging makes customers feel like they are getting their money’s worth when purchasing high-end products. This is especially true of perfume, where brand packaging is the only visible point of difference between products in the store.

Interested in crafting bespoke perfume packaging for your brand? ODM has extensive experience in the design and production of promotional products. We’re more than happy to share our expertise with you – reach out today!


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