As the years progress, shoppers are becoming more interested in creative products rather than conventional. Thats why ODM suggests for your brand to use artistic perfume bottle design ideas like Cacharel have for their promotional perfume campaign. Exclusive perfume bottle designs will draw customers to your product…

Artistic Perfume bottle design Ideas


Why shoppers love artistic perfume bottle designs

  • Distinctive – The bottles are designed like a lipstick tube, which makes female shoppers intrigued by the product. This design differs from the other Cacharel perfume displayed in the image, making the customer question why- becoming more curious by the product.
  •  Meaning – The “Yes I am” perfume campaign appeals to a female audience. The labeling and images used show a woman taking a strong feminine stance. This meaning corresponds to the artistic perfume bottle design as a females lipstick represents her ownership and control. The personalized promotional products appeal to the target audience by suggesting a powerful feminine identity.
  • Attractive – The POS display is eye catching because of the well ordered array of bottles- going from smaller bottles on the outsides, to larger bottles on the insides. Similarly, the colour scheme works to provide a neatness to the display. This further develops the distinctive campaign.
  • Trending – This artistic perfume bottle design is a trend that brands have used to be advantageous in the market. Here are examples of brands that have used artistic perfume bottle designs and in sore displays to appeal to their target consumers:

– Jean Paul Gautier created unique perfume bottle design ideas  so their brand stays relevant in this society

-Victor&Rolf used innovative display units in their perfume campaign to beat competing brands during the festive season…

-J’adore used a customised POS display to enhance their brand exposure in contrast to other brands


How to create artistic perfume bottle design ideas

How to promote Artistic Perfume bottle design Ideas

Planning/ Marketing budget  Extensive research must be done to understand what scent and bottle design will reflect the nature of your target customers’ personalities. For this reason, your brand will need to plan out designs for in store displays that suit the artistic bottle design.

Using Glass bottles – we advise you to do research on manufacturing high quality glass products for your perfume. This will advantage your brand as the perfume will become greater preserved and protected within authentic glass perfume bottles.

L.E.D counter display –  L.E.D counter displays are important in striking the attention of consumers. This merchandising tool is not cheap to purchase, but is cost-effective due to being reusable, customisable and energy efficient. Cacherel have used LED lights to highlight their ‘amor amor’ perfume very well, but could add more to their ‘yes i am’ perfume.  Make sure to allocate your budget accordingly. Used effectively, LED counter displays can attract instant customer attention.

Packaging – Artistic perfume bottle design packaging is important in setting the high quality impression of the product. It needs to suit the style of the perfume and the customers. Exceptional brand packaging design adds value to the product and your brand as it drives customer sales.

Merchandising tools- P.O.S display units are used to tell the story of a perfume campaign. This can include backdrops (like the picture of the enlarged lipstick Cacherel have used). Signs can also be used to indicate if the product is new, or to indicate any promo gifts. Cacherel have used small font to advertise their branding- but it is  important to indicate bold branding within your POS display using an acrylic display plinth or using the LED displays.


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