Ralph Lauren have used perfume merchandising strategies to ace their ‘Woman’ perfume campaign. And it was a huge success!

Ralph Lauren Attracts Shoppers With Perfume Merchandising Strategies

Why Ralph Lauren’s perfume merchandising strategy caught my eye

1. Packaging: Firstly, Ralph Lauren have used four subtle colours on their perfume packaging. These include the black, white, gold and rose gold which reflects the elegance their brand represents. The neutral colours used throughout the display easily distinguishes the Ralph Lauren brand.  Similarly, Ralph Lauren use conventional product labelling, custom perfume bottle designs and traditional packaging to expose the renowned Ralph Lauren brand and appeal to the quintessential woman.

2. Display Plinth: Secondly, Ralph Lauren used an acrylic display plinth to promote the perfume to their target market. As a result, branding has been successful due to the bold labelling and appealing graphics displayed by the acrylic plinth. Furthermore, the labelling can be changed because the plinth is customisable. It is for these reasons that we encourage brands to use acrylic plinths for advertising.

3. Back Drop: Thirdly, the backdrop is a great addition to the POS counter display. It pictures an attractive woman, together with bold writing which reads – ‘Woman’ – which entices female shoppers.  Therefore resulting in women who are more likely to buy the products when they see their own qualities in the images presented. ODM can ensure free standing display units are made to match your POS design ideas.

4. Sampling Cards: Furthermore, Ralph Lauren have secured a good reputation by giving shoppers the option to test their perfume. Ralph Lauren have recognised that building customer respect is crucial when marketing products. As a result of the sampling cards, shoppers acknowledge that the brand isn’t just trying to market their product, rather they are trying to supply a product that’s in the best interest of the consumer.

5. L.E.D Countertop: Additionally, the L.E.D countertop effectively highlights the products displayed. Consequently giving the products a crisp tone and definition.


More innovative features from this campaign:

Ralph Lauren Attracts Shoppers With Perfume Merchandising Strategies

Promotional Gift Set: Ralph Lauren has included gift sets in their POS display to expand their range of products. They have offered smaller perfume in a promo gift set package to customers who are travelling, needing to buy a gift, or just rewarding themselves, are more likely to be attracted to this brand packaging design or buy the product on impulse, therefore, driving sale in the future.


Bag Giveaway: In addition, Ralph Lauren have used giveaways as a valuable form of consumer attraction. They have incorporated on-pack gift sets to attract shoppers to the POS display. At ODM, we encourage you to employ strategic marketing that attracts consumer spending- which includes giveaways. In conjunction with POS displays and in-store merchandising, giveaways attract customers as they complement the purchased product.

For these reasons, we applaud Ralph Lauren for using custom promotional merchandise to market their perfume. If you have got merchandising strategies and just need the right tools to employ them, contact us here at ODM.

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