ODM’s Pug Socks are all ready for retail in Hong Kong – just in time for the Chinese New Year! And for us to keep up with the tight competition within the retail environment, we decided to use a POS counter display. Check it out below:

How to Manufacture a Killer POS Counter Display

How to Manufacture a Killer POS Counter Display

Point of Sale displays are an effective way to introduce a new product to the market. Because it is almost always found at check out counters, it further maximizes brand visibility.

Here, at ODM, we do not only create high quality promotional products, but we also help in building custom POS display units for various products. So, how do we manufacture a point of sales display that sells?

Designing a POS Counter Display

One should consider the materials, style, and the type of product when designing a POS display. And the possibilities are endless when it comes to customization.

For our example, we chose thick cardboard and installed plastic pegs. It is cheaper and production is not too complex. Quick turnaround time for a custom shape is another reason for choosing this style. This is ideal for urgent orders and retail. Since this project is a short promotional run, a cardboard POS display makes practical and financial sense.

How to Manufacture a Killer POS Counter Display

How to Manufacture a Killer POS Counter Display

You’ll also notice that the body reflects the design of our Year of The Dog socks. Speak with our product design team to develop high-quality designs for your display unit.

How to Manufacture a Killer POS Counter Display

How to Manufacture a Killer POS Counter Display

POS Counter displays are eye-catching and draw customers in. They are space-saving and frames the products nicely, which is why they are ideal for stores with limited space. Moreover, it is easy to transport and assemble at place. Below, we discuss other alternatives and the benefits of each.

Other POS Display Material Options:

  • Wood/ MDF: For longer-lasting campaigns, wooden POS display is recommended. Units can come in various finishes, depending on your needs. Wood has an elegant feel to it, which is why it is also perfect for high-end brand promotions. MDF is ideal for full colour printing. The durability of the material allows clients to use them for years to come. However, it can be a bit pricier than, say, acrylic or cardboard, and might affect your marketing budget. Click through this blog for examples of wooden POS units:
  • Acrylic: What we like about acrylic POS displays is its visual appeal. You can find a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, and customization is easy. However, it may require longer and more expensive sampling, since the factory will need to prepare the mould for production.  So this is not really advisable for urgent project and limited marketing budget. But it is durable and can be reused over and over again. Here’s an example:
  • Metal: Good for long-running campaigns, metal POS displays are very durable and visually appealing. However, they are usually heavy and can be difficult to move and assemble. Also price will correspond to the highest quality.  It comes in various finishes, and can be fashioned into different shapes, thickness, and sizes. However, sampling may take long and may be more expensive than other materials.

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We manufacture just about all types of point of displays for clients- from small ones to replica and upscale units. Our Mindsparkz team can assist with preparing the templates and putting up the artworks for printing. Contact us today so we can start discussing the best possible designs and materials for your POS display.

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