Buffalo and Deli Chef got customers excited with a purchase with purchase offer. The brands advertised their promotional offer through a simple POS counter display attached above a cash register screen. These were spotted in a supermarket in Hong Kong.

Purchase with Purchase Offer - Brands Advertise With POS Counter Display

Purchase with Purchase Offer – Brands Advertise With POS Counter Display

Purchase with Purchase Offer- Why It Is a Fantastic Deal

  • Discounts: Offering the second item at a discounted rate attracts shoppers because people are always looking for cheap items to purchase. Parents and home owners who are looking for new addition to their cookware sets will definitely be delighted to find cheap deals.
  • Creates Sense of Urgency: Purchase with purchase promotions usually run for a specified period of time. As such, it creates a sense of urgency among shoppers, compelling them to make a purchase while offers last.
  • Practical Appeal: The practicality and price of the products make them extremely appealing. As a result, the pwp items can be seen as being worth the extra money customers will not normally spend.
  • Effective Product Placement: Good placement of POS display enhances visibility within the retail environment. Placing the cardboard advert above the cash register gives the brands a chance to stand out without having to spend much. This is because the eye level display gets their message across effectively.


Should You Use Purchase With Purchase Offer Program?

  1. Customers feel they saved a lot when they get additional products for a lower price.
  2. This is a great way to introduce your new product and retain customer interest.
  3. Such promotion is ideal for boosting the saleability of poor performing line of products. This is because shoppers can only buy the second item when they purchase their main selling product. Hence, encouraging them to buy two of their products in one transaction.

In conclusion, we can say that having a purchase with purchase offer can tremendously increase sales, drive brand performance, and get your products into the hands of your target customers.


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Below are ideas for your next purchase with purchase campaign!


Purchase with Purchase Campaign Ideas:

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