When it comes to gift with purchase marketing, you want your freebies to be useful to your customers. Personal items and kitchen products make a great complimentary gift with purchase because they guarantee daily exposure. One good example is this free storage jars from Glucovita.

Gift with Purchase Marketing

Gift with Purchase Marketing

We sighted this promotional idea at a supermarket in Kathmandu. The brand is offering a free jar with the purchase of their vitamin-infused juice drink. This is a smart gift with purchase idea because the freebie is something buyers can use together with the main selling item.

In addition, buyers are always looking for ways to save up money. As such, discounts, free gift promotions, on-pack promotions, and special offer GWPs are likely to get their attention. This serves as a prime motivator for them to finally make the purchase.


What We Like About this Gift with Purchase Marketing

Relevance: When giving out gifts, it is important to offer items that go well with the main selling product. This way, you can be sure that your recipients will keep them. And Glucovita got it right!

Reusable: The plastic jar can be reused even after the powder juice drink has been consumed. This is an ideal container for cookies, pasta, and left-over food.

Drives Sales: When we saw this promotion, we instantly became curious about the freebie that comes with the vitamin juice drink. Offering gifts with purchase can drive impulse buys at the actual point of sale. How? It is always scary to try new products, but with a gift with purchase item like this jar, people will think twice whether to buy the one they have been using but is not offering a freebie or try a new brand that comes with a GWP.

Gift with Purchase Marketing

Gift with Purchase Marketing

Effective: Food keepers are a valuable promotional gift because they will surely be used by your customers, which could result in finer brand remembrance. This is why Glucovita’s food GWP jars are a simple, yet impactful marketing gift idea. As you can see from the photo, not only will they get a free jar, but the price was also slashed. So this is certainly a sweet deal for customers.

Safe to Use: Made from plastic, the jars are certainly safe to use. Unlike glass, this will not break easily, making it very safe and easy to open.

Encourages Customers to Stay Healthy: Glucovita did a great job encouraging customers to send their brand message through their marketing gift item. The brand manufactures energy-boosting drinks and vitamins. Those who are not familiar with the Glucovita will surely consider buying their products because they know they have something to gain from their purchase.


How to Advertise with Storage Jars?

As seen from our example, storage jars are a simple and inexpensive way to stand out on the shelf. People are likely to notice the brand that offers something extra because they know that they can save up more with these products. This is precisely why kitchen items such as these food storage jars are attractive to customers.

So, how do you effectively advertise with storage jars?

With jars, food keepers, lunch boxes, and food containers, there are many ways to customize them within a marketing campaign.

Depending on the size, you can use them as the actual packaging for the product. This way, you do not have to have a specialized box for the gift as the item itself serves as the packaging.

Another way to make your branded food storage containers an effective advertising tool is to use them as your business card. Branding them is a great opportunity to spread the word about your company. You can even add catchy phrases to really drive your message. Here is a fine example by Ovaltine. They were offering a free shaker tumbler as part of their gift with purchase marketing strategy. We certainly love the custom printed tumbler as it bears their marketing message.


To sum up…

Glucovita did a great job introducing their products to their target market through a well-thought-out gift with purchase marketing. Utilizing a GWP jar to pull in customers proved to be an effective strategy because the product is sturdy and is something people will use every day.


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