Horlicks has a sweet surprise for their shoppers in Kathmandu, Nepal. They are offering a free branded food container with the purchase of Horlicks Super Saver Family Pack. The complimentary gift with purchase is something homeowners will surely love to have.

Branded Food Container

Branded Food Container

Horlicks has been in the industry for over 140 years. They are known for their tasty malted milk hot drink powder enjoyed by children and adults alike. To show their gratitude towards their customers’ undying support, they are offering a simple gift with purchase that recipients can use to keep remaining powdered drinks.

From a marketing manager’s perspective, offering a branded food container is a smart move. If you are marketing to a wide range of demographics with diverse interests, a promotional food container can be a good choice. They provide a great creative opportunity for designers and marketing managers.

Done right, you can gain tremendous brand impression from a single custom food storage container.


Why Horlicks Branded Food Container Works?

Functional Design: Horlicks is offering a tall food keeper, which is suitable for powdered drinks, chips, and cookies. As the container is deep, it ensures that the contents will not spill easily.

Branded Lid: The blue lid is branded, thereby ensuring that customers will see the logo every time they use it. It ensures greater brand engagement for Horlicks.

Branded Food Container

Branded Food Container

Cost-Efficient: While others may say that offering a freebie to gain more sales is a bad idea, it actually will give the opposite result. You can have lots of options when it comes to designing, materials, and sourcing food containers, and this is why we believe Horlicks’ strategy is a money-saving one.

More Value for Money: Free products do more than just attract people to your brand. They also are a great way for customers to get more value for their purchase. People would love to score products free products that they can use for longer.

Branded Food Container

Branded Food Container


The GWP Item Serves as a Call to Action: As you can see the container shows why customers should purchase Horlicks. It serves as a call-to-action that will push customers to choose their products over their competitors.


Sourcing Promotional Branded Food Container

Are you considering using a branded food container for your on-pack promotions and gift with purchase campaigns? How do you start?

You may order in bulk in online stores such as Taobao but it still is better to consult a sourcing agency that can help you think about your promotional product options. Working with professionals will allow you to inject your own creativity while also ensuring that the products are professionally-made.

Here, at ODM, we can assist you with custom promotional merchandise for business! We have years of experience in the promotional product industry and we have headquarters in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Get in touch with our team to learn more about our services.


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