Nestlé advertised recently with great products as Gift with Purchase. You get the Backpack for free, if you spend a minimum of 50 Yuán and if you spend a minimum of 150 Yuán, you will get this food container for free. This branded promotional products are a perfect campaign solution to gain your sales and your brand awareness.

Nestlé Gift with Purchase: Food Container and Backpack

Nestlé Gift with Purchase: Food Container and Backpack

Not only the POS Display, but also the products do look nice and have a lot of potential to gain attention to the brand. The colors of these products match perfect to each other and to the display. A Backpack is always a great idea to promote your brand with, as everyone needs at least one Backpack to carry groceries or other stuff around. Also the food container is great, as anyone uses one to take some food to work, school or on trips.

These branded products can be customized to any brand or campaign and are perfect for the everyday life of your customers.

Why should you think about such a Gift with Purchase?

  • Practicality. The practicality of these promotional products make this Gift with Purchase to a great way of gaining your sales. These products will be used every day and every where, because of the practicality, which will spread the word not only about this campaign, but also about your brand and your other products.
  • Loyalty. A Gift with Purchase is always great to thank your current customers for their long-term loyalty and to win potential customers by attracting them with such nice promotional products in your shops.

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