Fortress recently advertised with Branded Outdoor Products in Macau. To promote with such nice Branded Outdoor Products is a great idea to motivate the costumers to go outside and to enjoy these products while using them outside.  You are fully equipped with all of these products for the next big hike, the next tour or trip.

  1. By spending between 500 HK$ and 3000 HK$ you can choose between: a branded scarf, a branded bottle or a branded sweatband.
  2. By spending over 3001 HK$ and below 6000 HK$ you can choose between three different products: a branded sun cap, branded weights and branded Flip Flops.
  3. If you spend a minimum of 6001 HK$ you can choose between: a branded stool, a branded umbrella and a branded towel.
Fortress offers Branded Outdoor Products

Fortress offers Branded Outdoor Products


The branded scarf will keep your throat warm, so you will not get sick on your hike, because of the strong wind at the sea side or on a mountain. And not only its practicality speaks for it, but also its summer-outdoor-design makes this scarf to an incentive product, which anyone outside would be happy to have.

Modest but effective, the Bottle is with its shape and carabiner perfect for carrying water with you by attaching it to your backpack. Its design is modest but easy to recognize and to gain a lot of attention to its brand, by this nice big white logo on its front.

A Sweatband is also great, as hikes and trips into warm areas can get really hot and uncomfortable, in which times you would be happy to have such a Sweatband to dry your fore head. This is another nice branded Product, which has pantone matched colors to the brand with a fast brand recognition.

Fortress offers Branded Outdoor Products

Fortress offers Branded Outdoor Products

Before you get a sun-struck somewhere outside you should care prophylactic before you start your outdoor adventure with such a sun-cap. The design of this sun-cap is really nice and looks unique, which will help the recognition of the brand.

And the probably most unique Branded Outdoor Product on this advertisement is the weight, which can be filled with water to vary the heft of it. Which makes sure that you can work out every where on your outdoor adventure.

Probably everybody uses Flip Flops in warm areas and enjoys every small breeze on their feet, if the whole body is sweating. Fortress knew how to implement this in their campaign with this branded outdoor product.

Fortress offers Branded Outdoor Products

Fortress offers Branded Outdoor Products

A long trip can be exhausting, good to have such a practical foldable stool, which allows you to sit down and relax wherever you are without carrying a heavy seat with you.

The weather is nothing you can ever be really sure about, that’s why you should think about such a nice branded umbrella in your campaign of branded outdoor products. Which is also a reason you should think about a branded Towel like this.

Branded Outdoor Products are a perfect way to spread the word about your marketing campaign and your products. This will gain a long-term brand awareness and will boost your sale for not only the time that you offer such products, but also minimal the whole summer and autumn and spring, as these are the best seasons to go outside and to enjoy the nature and the purpose of these products.

Why should you think about Branded Outdoor Products?

  • Attracts customers. Such products like these will not only thank your current but also attract potential customers to buy your products.
  • Practicality. To use practical branded outdoor products is very clever as this will remind your customers to your brand even when they are out in the nature without any network on their phone.

At ODM we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about Branded Outdoor Products.

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