Fortress is giving away a series of 14 products which have the theme of a cartoon duck. The products offered in this giveaway include: plastic file, scarf, notebook, towel, coin purse, cushion, table calendar, soap dispenser, table clock, documents folder, passport holder with luggage tag, recyclable bag, nail clipper and ceramic mug with spoon. This giveaway can be found at the Fortress store in Time Square, Hong Kong.

Giveaway by Fortress - Duck Series Products

Giveaway by Fortress – Duck Series Products

Fortress is a chain of stores selling electronic products in Hong Kong. It is a member of A.S. Watson Group. Founded in 1975, the company has over 90 outlets in Hong Kong, with over 1,600 staff.  Products offered by Fortress include digital camcorder and camera, mobile phone, computer, notebook, tablet as well as home appliances.

Advantages of a series of products as a giveaway

One major advantage of a having a series of products as a giveaway is that it highly encourages repeated purchasing. The whole series of products can be seen as a set. Consumers will want to collect a full set and so keep purchasing items from the store in order to receive the different products. This would greatly help to increase sales, leading to increase in profits.

Duck Series Products Giveaway by Fortress Hong Kong

Duck Series Products Giveaway by Fortress Hong Kong

Another advantage of having such a giveaway is the increase in brand awareness. When such a cute and attractive series of giveaways is displayed outside the store, it catches attention of passers-by. These passers-by may end up buying from the store to receive the giveaway. But even if they don’t they would remember such an attractive giveaway and remember the store that was offering it.

A third advantage would be as a form of advertisement. The design of this series of products seems to be targeted at children. A child that sees this may ask his parents to purchase an item so that he can get the toy. And when children get new items which they like, they tend to go around telling everyone about their new favorite item and where they got it form. This serves as a form of advertisement.