In marketing, we always need to identify our potential customers and analyze our main point of sale (POS) to be able to target the right segment. For instance, recently the very popular american series: The Walking Dead has begun advertising its new season and keeping their followers rocking on the chairs by introducing an incredibly amazing POS. This is an excellent way of attracting new people and keeping excited existing followers for the third Season of this famous series.

This point of sale consists of getting people excited about its new season on February 10th, a rotting finger countdown was created. Everyday leading up to the February 10th, one finger was chopped off the hands, counting down the days to the return of the show. The zombies hands were the same as the ones that appear in the episodes which really represent the series itself. We can see this in the following image:

Point of Sale - The Walking Dead Outdoor Advertisement

Point of Sale – The Walking Dead Outdoor Advertisement

Significance of Point of Sale

Point of sale in marketing generates new product awareness, trial and, ultimately, purchase. While most clients purchase an item they found on the shelf, offers, discounts and samples near the point of purchase often lead to customers switching brands. In-depth shopper marketing research prefaces POS design so marketers know which types of messages will resonate with the target audience and motivate impulse purchases.

This is really a very creative way of launching a new product or in this case a new season of a popular series as it is very unique and represents the synopsis of the series. Point of sale normally attract customers or in this case viewers at the point of purchase. This is used to catch a customer´s attention and can result in very impulsive purchases made by customers in the near future.