Nowadays, technology has really advanced to the level that we have never believed. During these couple of years we have seen the introduction of 3D movies in cinemas which are spectacular to watch and experience. To watch these kind of movies we need to wear 3D glasses, which will make actions in movies seem very realistic. Most cinemas offer disposable glasses. However, if we think marketing wise, we could get brilliant ideas like 3D paper glasses which is one very cheap and two we could think of the environmental side, where people would throw them into a bin after a movie, so we could recycle this as it is made of paper.

Below we have a graphical representation of the 3D Paper Glasses:


Marketing Idea: 3D Paper Glasses

Marketing Idea: 3D Paper Glasses

So, what is unique about this marketing idea and what will be the long-term effects?

Well, the first thing we need to think is to provide something very unique to our clients and using paper 3D glasses is very simple to print our logo in how many colours we require. Simple and totally inexpensive. This is the key to provide promotional products to our clients. Something very unique that our customers will be able to use every time they watch a 3D movie.

Marketing should be always updated if we do not want our rivals to gain terrain in our target market.

Normally plastic disposable 3D glasses are also quite cheap but most of the time people throw them away after watching the movie as it is very difficult to keep in our pockets or wallets. However, this promotional product we are talking about is very simple and would be able to fit anywhere; in our pockets or even in our wallets as they do not occupy too much space.

Nevertheless, people might also throw them away. This is where we could take advantage to create a green campaign where we could recycle these glasses, firstly to help the community and secondly to send out a message to our customers relaying our commitments in taking care of many issues as well as business. This is key in marketing, to prove our clients that we care about environmental issues.