On-pack promo gifts are surefire way to increase sales, retain customers, and introduce your products to non-customers. This is because the gifts serve as an incentive to customers and sort of motivate them to come back for more. According to studies most purchases are made on-the spot. Meaning, shoppers make unplanned purchases every day. So to increase the chances of your product being picked by shoppers, you have to stand out from the rest. An on-pack premium is a great way to drive impulse purchases because it creates an immediate call to action.

On-Pack Premium

On-Pack Premium

We have spotted these interesting on-pack promotion in Vietnam. These condiments come with an on pack sauce bowls and cutlery with purchase of their sauce. The taped up dimsum bowls and eating implements are hard to miss because they are kind of protruding from the packaging.

Sauces are a part of the Vietnamese cuisine and Asian cooking in general. These condiments lend a distinct savory taste of their dishes. As such, having a sauce bowl and cutlery as on-pack gift match their promotion very well. Here’s why this marketing strategy is effective.


On-Pack Premium : Why It Stood Out?

  • Prominence

The brands did no use any special product packaging for their products but a clear cling wrap and scotch tape. Since nothing conceals the  products, customers can easily see the free gifts the brands are offering.


  • Practical Value

Asians usually use fish sauce for marinating, seasoning, and as a dip for vegetables and dimsum. As such, offering an on-pack premium that can be used for serving the sauce is a good marketing idea. It reinforces their message and at the same it is practical. They can use the bowl right after they purchase the bottle of fish sauce.

On-Pack Premium

On-Pack Premium

  • Brand Positioning

If we take a look at the giveaway bowl, you’ll see that the bottom part is branded. This helps their brand more visible to customers. Moreover these gifts gave them a huge advantage over their competitors by making them more eye-catching. Between products that offer freebies and those that do not, customers will surely choose the ones that will give them an extra product at no additional cost.

On-Pack Premium

On-Pack Premium


  • Cost-Effective

While it may be good to have a beautiful custom retail packaging, attaching the product on the body of the bottles is deemed more cost-effective for the company. This strategy is ideal for short campaign runs. This straightforward approach works because customers can see straightaway that they are offering on pack gifts with purchase.


  • Complementing Products

The freebies go well with the main selling products. As soon as the customers use the fish sauce, they will have a bowl to serve the condiment in and spoon and fork to eat their food with. Having an on-pack premium that goes well together with the main product makes great impact among customers. It also motivates them to buy that certain product because they know they can also use the free item. This, in turn, inspires brand loyalty because these items work as a customer reward.

On-Pack Premium

On-Pack Premium

An on-pack premium can be the simplest yet most effective way to make your products stand out from the boring gondola shelf. These on-pack giveaways will surely convince them to make a purchase even though they are not planning to buy it because shoppers are always looking for affordable deals. However, make sure that your marketing gift is practical to make sure that customers will use them every day.

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