Christmas is just around the corner, which means it is time for corporate parties and year-end gatherings. It is also the best time to show your appreciation towards your employees, clients, and business partners with corporate gifts. A good corporate gift is one that recipients can use to improve their every day life. With so many high-tech corporate gifts trending nowadays and with little leftover marketing budget, planning your corporate giveaways can be a bit daunting. But fret not, your year-end corporate gift need not be too expensive for you to be able to make a positive impact on people. A custom organizer may be what you need to boost your company promotion.

Custom Organizer

Custom Organizer

Features of Custom Organizer:

  • Size: It measures 28 cm (L) x 9 cm (W)
Custom Organizer

Custom Organizer

  • Materials: Polyester, Rubber Band, PE Board
Custom Organizer

Custom Organizer

  • Portable
  • Can be Customized to Various Colors


Why Custom Organizer as Corporate Gift?

There are so many useful custom promotional product ideas for corporate promotions, but why custom organizers? Functional and practical, this product is a sweet deal for employers to promote their brand. Storage and organizers can be custom-made to match your branding requirements. Furthermore, they offer tremendous advertising and branding opportunities to marketing managers. Here are some of them:


  • Strengthen Corporate Relations

The goal of corporate gifting is to strengthen corporate relations. Corporate gifts incentivize employees and keep their morale high. When given to clients and business partners, they can help forge stronger business ties. But not just any gift will do. Make sure that your gifts are practical and useful.

This custom organizer is something your recipients will surely love. It is made from Polyester with rubber bands and PE Board for support. This item will surely become an office staple as the recipients can use it to keep their mobile phones, notebooks, pens, and other office items organized.

  • Make Storage Hassle-Free

Say goodbye to messy office desks! This custom organizer will surely solve your storage problems. The elastic rubber band will keep your personal belongings intact. This makes organizing office items hassle-free.

  • Improve Work Productivity

A well-organized desk helps improve work productivity. So why not give your employees a custom designed organizer to help them improve their work efficiency. So much time is wasted on searching for that missing pen or phone connector. With a custom organizer by your side, you will not have to waste your precious time finding those items.

  • Portable

This custom organizer is portable and lightweight, which makes it ideal for office and home use. Recipients can also keep them inside their bags.

  • Brand Remembrance

Receiving a practical gift from your company makes employees and clients feel appreciated. A branded employee gift will certainly improve brand remembrance and brand recognition because it exposes the recipients to your brand or logo the more they use it. Moreover, it will be the first thing they will see in the morning before they start their day. Therefore, with your brand out there, they will feel that they are part of a company that values people.


Aside from this custom organizer, you may want to pair it up with other useful office items for an excellent corporate gift set. Here are other corporate gift ideas to give your clients, employees, and business partners:


Corporate Gift Ideas to Pair Up with Your Custom Organizer:

1.Stress Toys – We know how stressful the corporate world can be. With that said, why not give your employees the gift of relaxation with these customizable stress toys. These are great for relieving tiredness after a day of work.


2. Crystal Clock – This beautiful crystal international clock is perfect as a decorative item on their office desk or home living room.


3. Wireless Charging Notebook – This product combines the functionality of a mobile charger and a custom organizer. It has compartments for notebook, pen, mobile phone, cards, and charging cables. In essence, this acts like a portable workstation for your employees.


4. Emergency Charging Notebook – With the advent of smart phones, people spend more time on their phone. Therefore, batteries become easily depleted. Now that the demand for power banks has increased, customers are also looking for unique phone chargers that are not only functional but stylish as well. Here’s an excellent example:


5. Notebooks – Notebooks remain one of the best corporate giveaways because of its customizability and functionality. Given that office workers always need something to write important meeting agenda and notes, branded high-quality notebooks are certainly an essential office item that


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