Eco-friendly promotional products are trending nowadays and capitalizing on this trend can help your company grow in many ways. The use of green corporate gifts not only position your company as a company that values employee-employer relationships, but also one that helps in the preservation of the environment.

Green Corporate Gifts

Green Corporate Gifts

If you’re looking for corporate gifts that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, then these bamboo eco-cups is something you should consider.


Features and Benefits of Bamboo Eco-Cups

Sustainable Materials: The body is made from bamboo fibre, while the lid and sleeve are made from silicone. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, safe and reusable. Thus, this helps minimize the need to buy bottled water and drinks in plastic cups every time. You are able to help the environment whilst creating an impressive brand reputation.

Green Corporate Gifts

Green Corporate Gifts


Great for Everyday Use: Single use plastic bags and disposable cups are among the major contributors to land and water pollution. The use of eco-friendly corporate gifts, such as these bamboo eco cups is a simple step towards reducing the amount of garbage that goes to landfills. Bamboo trees grow fast, making them a safe and sustainable alternative to plastic and even wood.

Great for hot and cold drinks, your employees and clients will find this useful. Instead of using disposable coffee cups, they can use it to get refills for their juice or coffee. With the company logo and brand on it, you’ll definitely gain tremendous visibility beyond office walls.


Green Corporate Gifts

Green Corporate Gifts

Unique Designs: Customizing the corporate gifts is a great way to add a unique twist to a classic item. The lid, sleeves and the body of the cups are perfect for printing your brand visuals on. You can either laser engrave on the material or use the traditional silk screen printing technique to brand your custom drinking cup.

Upholds Brand Image: It is not enough to just make your company known. The kind of marketing and corporate gifts you use say a lot about your company and what you stand for. You can express your gratitude towards your clients and employees while also establishing your environmental statement and cementing your core values as a company with green corporate gifts.


Other Green Corporate Gifts to Pair With Your Bamboo Cups

Here are some examples of environmentally-friendly products that you might want to consider using in your next corporate promotions.

In our previous project, we gave a standard office item an innovative spin and the result was a high-quality promotional product that is eco-friendly and beautiful. You may want to give away this item as gifts for employee appreciation or corporate souvenirs.


Give your clients the gift of cleanliness with these bamboo charcoal bag air freshener. The bag of charcoal air freshener is organic and safer to use than the commercial ones. Being eco-friendly allows your brand to be seen in a more positive light. And this will help you build trust among your clients and business partners.


Speak with reliable packaging manufacturers to give you eco-friendly packaging options such as corn starch packaging and rice husk packaging. Take for example, bamboo based packaging to complete your green corporate gifts.


Let Us Help Your Company

We have previous experience in creating eco-friendly promotional products for green marketing. That is why we are confident that our team will be able to deliver premium corporate gifts that are meaningful and useful. Contact ODM today to know more about your promotional product options. If you are interested in using bamboo cups for green marketing, email us and don’t forget to reference the product code: 2418.


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