Need something simple yet with a difference as a promotional gift? Take the standard pen for example and give it an innovative and eco-friendly twist. Why not get your brand or service noticed through one of the oldest tricks in the book –the trustworthy pen. The offering of this innovative pen made from recycled bamboo which comes in a recycled cardboard box is environmentally friendly in every way. Made from recycled material and disposable in an eco-friendly way make it truly an eco-friendly product.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Executive Boxed Pen Set

Eco-friendly Bamboo Executive Boxed Pen Set

How this eco-friendly product will work for your brand image

With this product you can really show to your customers that you care for the environment. This attitude is important to give you an edge over competitors. Modern day consumers demand ethical and responsible business practices from companies that provide them their services and products. This is evident to see in the current popularity of organic and fair trade products. People have a more positive attitude to recycling and re-usable products. Make the most of the current consumer climate by offering this versatile executive pen set as a gift, promotional product, on-pack promotion or employee present.

Executive pen sets are usually reserved for preferred clients and with high end marketing promotions. This unique and affordable box set can play outside the conventional rules. When offered as marketing gift it goes that little bit further in capturing people’s attention. Firstly the executive box gives the consumer a higher perceived value of the product. Secondly the physical feel and texture will draw closer attention to the product and brand name. Thirdly the intangible value associated with the product will be also associated with the product or service. These three factors make the eco-friendly executive pen box set an extremely smart marketing tool

Think green! Think Executive bamboo pen set!