Want something that is practical and that also stands out from other ordinary marketing products? This lunch box is one that would attract the attention of many with its multiple unique features. It is certainly unlike any other lunch boxes you have seen out there. This marketing product is perfect for companies in the food and beverage industry.

Useful & Unique Marketing Product!

Useful & Unique Marketing Product – Green Lunch Box

Useful & Unique Marketing Product!

Useful & Unique Marketing Product – Purple Lunchbox

Boost sales with this marketing product!

The great thing about this marketing product is that it can be made with different materials and colours in order to suit the brand image or corporate colours. The large surface area allows your company logo or name to be clearly visible wherever you are, be it in school, the office or even at the beach. This marketing gift is a favourite for marketing managers as it is easy to customize and furthermore, its cheap. What else can you ask for in a promo gift!

Marketing Product - Opened

Marketing Product – Lunch Box Opened

The separate compartments in this promo gifts makes it even more attractive. Most lunchboxes just come with one compartment with a lid over it. This means that different tpes of food might touch each other and that might ultimately ruin your lunch altogether. However, with this product, it is certain one that would keep food separate and fresh allowing you to enjoy your meal and that makes it stand out from ordinary lunch boxes.

This would steadily increase brand awareness and enhance the brand image, especially if the material used are of recyclable materials. Seeing an organization use such materials will bring the brand to a positive light and in turn enhance the corporate social responsibility of the organization. With this in place, the company will be better received by the environmental friendly people out there in the market. Ultimately, this giveaway will generate sales due to an increase in brand awareness and its good image.

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