Customers are demanding environmentally friendly products in the face of climate change. Take a look at this new Eco friendly Promotional Product innovation.


The Eco friendly Promotional Product


Eco Friendly Promotional Product

Gap in the market for this Eco Friendly Promotional Product


The humble pen has been a traditional staple as a promo product.  This eco friendly promotional product, however puts a unique twist on it. Although the main function of this product is to be used to write with. Within the pen, it has a seed pod with a detachable cap . The user can then plant trees or various plants. It is also bio-degradable. So when the pen has run out ink. Instead of throwing it away, simply bury it. This pen can also be branded with your logo. Also please note seeds are not included with the pen.


Marketing Ideas for this Eco friendly Promotional Product


Eco Friendly Promotional Product

Eco Friendly Promotional Product


There are so many ways to market this product. It could be suggested to gift this to various clients at trade shows. It is likely to raise brand awareness for your company due to the unique environmentally friendly twist. You could perhaps conduct a social media marketing campaign by incorporating a hashtag onto the pen. Which then challenges your clients to take photos of the plant or tree growing over time. A great method of brand engagement. This is just one idea but is only limited by your creativity.


Why this Eco friendly Promotional Product will improve your brand image


There is a growing call for businesses to act ethically thorough having sustainable practices. Clients are likely to be delighted at the fact that these pens are bio-degradable. As regular plastic pens are not widely recyclable. Coupled with the fact that a clients carbon footprint can be reduced due to the planting of new plants and trees. This product is likely to highly improve your customer’s perception of your company. Through being a company that is focused on sustainability. It can be a great Unique Selling Point for your company. As well as to reinforce your claims in your company C.S.R document.


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